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AOPEN is the only cloud solution sponsor of Ad Asia 2015

Taipei is slated to play host to AdAsia; featuring “Clouidea” (Cloud+Idea) as its main theme, AdAsia 2015 Taipei will be held over the course of four days (Nov. 22-25), marking an occasion on which various sectors will converge to explore the future of creativity in the age of cloud computing. This year’s event features a world-class lineup of speakers, all of whom are masters in their respective fields. A total of 30 speakers will share their expertise in “Advertising/Marketing,” “Digital/Social Media” and “Five Senses and Lifestyle,” creating a rare occasion for those who are interested in self-improvement; with the support of distinguished guests from AOPEN and other sponsors, all of whom emphasize the necessity of cultivating creative talent, AdAsia 2015 Taipei is also a rare opportunity for corporations eying talent development.

AdAsia is an international biannual event centered on marketing communications, organized under the auspices of the Asian Federation of Advertising Associations (AFAA). Hosting AdAsia signifies international approval and recognition from the global community of advertisers.

AOPEN’ is glad to be the only sponsor of cloud solutions for the event. Meanwhile, Bernie Tsai, the founder of AOPEN, will have a speech during the event. All guests can experience AOPEN’s cloud solutions with digital application and services during the event.

AOPEN is looking forward to meet you at Ad Asia 2015!

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