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AOPEN offers Chrome Device Management (CDM) on top of its existing Chrome product portfolio.

The cloud-based management console of CDM makes it easy for end-users to deploy and manage signage networks from a single location, without needing extensive IT skills. It provides for a simple, fast and secure way to manage unlimited networks of Commercial Chrome devices such as the AOPEN Chromebox Commercial and Chromebase Commercial.

This easy and powerful tool, to manage digital signage networks from the cloud, will drive adoption in retail and other industries. Chrome Device Management from Google allows users to remotely control entire fleets of AOPEN Commercial Chrome devices.

The Chrome Device Management can also come pre-configured, allowing low contact and secure deployment, down to a specific Chrome app to run on start-up. It will also be possible to remotely reboot devices, take remote screenshots and auto-upload system logs, as well as pre-configuring apps so these are ready for roll out to the end customer.

Security updates can also be rolled out across an entire fleet without long maintenance windows, downtime or patch upgrades. 

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Chrome Device Management features

  •  Zero-touch deployment
  • Boot in eight seconds
  • Virus and malware protection
  • User-level and app-level security
  • System alerts
  • Remote reboot
  • Auto-updates

For more information on purchasing CDM together with your AOPEN Commercial Chrome hardware, please contact your local AOPEN Sales Representative. 

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