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Tailor-made design & custom-built

As part of Wistron Group, AOPEN is an innovation specialist with an extensive R&D program that allows us to anticipate the future needs of our clients across a wide range of different specializations. Our investment in R&D has generated 236 (until May 4, 2016) patents worldwide. AOPEN can service the entire supply chain from hardware design, custom manufacture and development to software and consulting services. Furthermore AOPEN is a major OEM provider of technology to some of the biggest consumer brands in the world.

There’s every chance that the devices you carry with you every day have AOPEN components in them! AOPEN combines commercial-grade hardware with advanced design. Our products are uniquely positioned to offer industrial strength with the style and aesthetics of high end consumer gadgets.

We have the unique capacity to work across the entire value chain. Our extensive R&D investments apply not only to developed products but also to solutions, practices and Cloud infrastructure. Regardless of the solution that our customer is building, we have the resources to assist in designing and executing the most efficient and powerful technology possible.

We are not a typical ODM. Our love of innovation and creative design means we are always interested in groundbreaking ideas, and we’re always happy to partner to build pilots and concepts. Our factories in Asia are key to our ability to offer custom solutions. This cutting- edge facility frees our designers' imagination and allows us to build technology to resolve any business challenge. It is a resource readily available to our ODM partners. Regardless of your idea, whether big or small, we’re here to help.

Sometimes big ideas start small, and if we believe in an idea we are happy to support it.

If you have any enquiries on this offering, please contact the Global Custom Built and Design Team.

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