Digital Signage Solutions

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The professional digital signage solution from AOPEN is a complete solution for Turnkey, and can be changed by digital signage management software which will free your digital signage free from traditional static text, pictures, or simply video carousels and become a fancy advertising billboards fill with sound, images and animation effects on your LCD, TV wall and LED outdoor billboards. There will be more possibilities of your digital application such as dynamic digital billboards, news signage, conference room billboards, activities display for the most interactive marketing with customers. A well-known research institution found that the use of multimedia content marketing can easily generate 15% to 150% sales and simply play the TV content to the consumer had no benefit at all. In addition, the advanced application of multimedia players can also be combined with weather information, clock, touch screen and other information source to engage with customers.


  • 7-day a week, 24-hour a day, long-tern digital content appealing to customers
  • Play content with pre-scheduling or according to different time and customers
  • The central management system is simple and easy to set up
  • Dual real-time monitoring mechanism to avoid system error
  • Web based operation
  • Friendly and intuitive interface
  • Support the relay file server delivery architecture
  • Provide quick search function
  • Design your prefer content layouts
  • Support Youtube broadcast
  • Remote player scheduled monitoring
  • Emergency broadcasting
  • Online video playback record
  • Scheduled power on/off

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Support touch screen

Provide interactive service and analyze customer behavior with menu or customer satisfaction survey functions.

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Support API for more devices

Combine with the face recognition system to trigger pre-defined ads and analyze system.

Work with AOPEN customer data collecting application solutions, to collect the demographic information for analyzing.

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Support API for more devices

Support bar code scanner device.

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Support API for more devices

Support auto power on/off and RFID with Panasonic projectors.

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AOPEN Digital Engine and Displays

Digital Engine:

AOPEN Digital Engine series consists of a range of computing devices that provide an outstanding platform in applied computing. 

The AOPEN Digital Engine series are classified from value, mid to high end. This selection is based on CPU power, graphic performance, active/passive cooling and price.

AOPEN Display:

AOPEN provides All-in-one, touch and professional displays for your selection:

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AOPEN professional services

Customer journey consultancy

  • Requirements analysis
  • Project Planning
  • UX / UI design and production
  • Hardware and software solutions
  • Installation and construction planning

Digital content planning and producing services

  • Requirements analysis
  • Scripting
  • Special / general animation or film production
  • System performance testing


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The meaning of OPEN & SHARE
AOPEN Values - Sharing and Creating Prosperity

AOPEN is not only based on the "Open" business philosophy, but also share the success with partners and customers. The dual-brand strategy of value sharing is based on this philosophy. Combining the expertise and advantages of AOPEN and partners, we are happy to share value with all our partners, from the upstream component supply, R & D and production, and sales channels to the market. Create and recognized a long-term and good relations of cooperation with our partners, to ensure a stable and sustained supply of products for consumers and partners.

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Customer references

The customer successes are great examples of how AOPEN can improve a variety of environments whether your business operates in healthcare, hospitality, transportation, security or  education; AOPEN solutions will enable you to turn concepts into reality. 

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