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Eye-catching and informative digital signage

Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) plans to provide their 1.85 annual visitors the right information about the venues and the latest events. This goal can only be realized by installing professional digital signage which provides real-time updates that instantly displays on multiple screens. After a thorough research, DWTC decided upon the AOPEN Digital Engine® to support the 5x4 video wall and signage boards in the lobby of Hall 8.

About DWTC

The Dubai World Trade Centre has played a pivotal role in the growth of international trade in the Middle East since 1979. It is the region’s largest complex for events and exhibitions. It plays a major role in the development of Dubai’s economy, attractive revenue for restaurants, hotels and local attractions. Each year, DWTC events create more than 36,000 jobs including ancillary sectors that benefit from the events. 

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The Challenge

The DWTC is holding events almost daily, so the hardware used has to be reliable and robust to run smoothly throughout the day.

The video wall combines twenty high definition screens (5x4) which require powerful hardware and the right service to drive these displays. All of these requirements can not only be answered by powerful hardware but also by highly integrated video technologies and software.

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The Solution

To make sure to get the best results out of this challenge, AOPEN proposed the Digital Engine® DE6140 to power the twenty screens. The Digital Engine® DE6140 is a compact, powerful device purpose-built for powering video walls and displaying dynamic content on multiple displays without compromising the quality of the resolution.

The media player has four HDMI outputs with high performance support for Ultra HD resolution making it ideal for large public displays or video walls. With the special multi-screen technology developed by AOPEN, the video wall with twenty screens can be controlled and displayed by one single DE6140, thus resulting in a cost effective solution for DWTC.

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The Future

Jad Bechara, Senior Manager – Media & Sponsorships, Dubai World Trade Centre, says: “We are delighted to work with partners who provide innovative ways to enhance the visitor experience. This new dynamic video wall provides the perfect means for us to keep our visitors well informed.”

This is just the beginning of this digital signage project; DWTC is planning to add digital signage and video walls in more halls to display events and activities to increase their image and service for their visitors and customers in the near future.

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