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AOPEN becomes official Google for Work and Education Premier Partner
Combined expertise will bring innovation to the digital signage market

Melbourne, September 2015 - Digital signage specialist AOPEN is excited to announce that it has become a Google for Work and Education Premier Partner. AOPEN will become a Global Distributor for Chrome Device Management (CDM) licenses, tapping into its extensive channel of specialists and partners. The bundling of Chrome Device Management software with the newly launched Commercial Chromebase & Chromebox creates an industry-leading platform for digital signage and kiosk solutions. 

AOPEN brings its experience in digital signage and technological expertise, straight from the drawing board right through to instalment to measure and enhance customer experience and engagement at the point of sale. The collaboration enables AOPEN to come with a most innovative platform to support the digital signage market by developing new products with a focus on high performance, fast deployment and security. This announcement expands our collaboration with Google on a range of new commercial grade digital signage devices designed by AOPEN and powered by Chrome.

In turn, as a Premier Partner, AOPEN will now have access to Google’s sales engineering and advanced services, further enabling AOPEN to offer the best solutions to its customers.

Stephen Borg, Corporate Director, AOPEN, says it’s a huge step forward for the company and for the digital signage sector.

"Becoming an official Google for Work and Education Premier Partner marks a new and exciting chapter for AOPEN. AOPEN brings nearly two decades of expertise in multiple retail verticals. We can now offer our customers a broad platform that services every need in the industry and is based on our reliable signature hardware for powerful applications," Stephen Borg says.

"Google shares our vision for open standards and a platform that will encourage multiple app providers to design for. Retail, Hospitality, Governments and industry of all sizes are increasingly embracing digital signage, and the new products we are developing with Google will be powerful but still affordable. We've already seen big developer interest in Chrome as a platform for digital signage apps, and we're excited to bring new managed commercial Chrome devices to the market."

The Commercial Chrome Devices being developed through AOPEN’s and Google’s collaboration include:

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Chromebase Commercial (19" or 22")

The Chromebase Commercial is a solid-state device designed to be extremely robust and secure, making it ideal for interactive public display in high traffic environments (i.e. as a digital signage, POS or kiosk system). The Chromebase Commercial can be mounted in portrait or landscape and is currently available in a 22” format with a 19” format to follow after. Its multi-touch panel features a waterproof toughened glass front, tamperproof cable and mounting, and its fanless design keeps dust out. It is also shock and vibration resistant. Together with Chrome OS, it ensures for a highly diverse system that can display content via apps by accessing the Cloud.

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Commercial Chromebox

AOPEN’s Commercial Chromebox is a shock and vibration resistant solid-state device with a wide-operating temperature range (up to a maximum of 60°C/140°F*). Features like built-in hardware encryption and verified firmware boot means that retailers and clients can be confident that they will be protected from unauthorised breach of information or updates. This also broadens the applications of the Chromebox Commercial, ensuring that it can be used in verticals where high volumes of classified data might be collected (i.e. government or health services sector).


Currently estimated at USD 13.25 billion, the digital signage market is forecast to reach USD 20.03 billion by 2020.* It's being driven by significant growth in sectors such as retail, education and transport, as well as technological advancement in developing countries.

*Grand View Research Jan. 2014

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