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AOPEN IoT Asia 2016 - Smart Retail Interactive cloud solution

The IoT Asia 2016 was held at Singapore Expo from March 30 to 31, 2016. AOPEN show the O2O Marketing & Queuing Solution, Smart eShelves Promoter, and all digital scenarios can be centralized managed by a private cloud CMS. These solutions seamless combine digital signage with face recognizing and data collection features. Retail store owners will find them very helpful to know their customers better. As the premier partner of Google, AOPEN also demonstrated the worldwide 1st Chrome based commercial devices for smart retail biz.

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Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of AOPEN - Bernie Tsai, had a speech “Models for Customer-Centric Engagement” and joined the panel discussion on “The Role of Innovation, Technology and Management for Competitive Smart Retail” on March 31st. The speech and discussion brought up various new IoT application ideals with AOPEN’s digital solutions for the retail market and created a great chance to realize retail digital evolution.

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In the exhibition, AOPEN demonstrate four digital retail solutions. With these solutions, customer can view product promotions videos special made for he or she and query items via touch screen. Another solution was the AOPEN eShelf to provide more personalized interactive shopping experience. There is a customer satisfaction feedback system with face recognizing combine with provide cloud data center via highly long-term and reliable optical storage solution. All the AOPEN solutions can offer customers a friendly service and collect precious data such as gender, age, stay duration, inquiry items and more for store owners at the same time. This is the reason that AOPEN consider digital signage is not only an eye-catching display but a high efficient customer service and marketing solution. With the essences data collected by face recognize function, the store owners can know their customers better. This is the primary reason that customized digital signage solution was highly recommended by visitors during whole exhibition.

For the smart retail industry in the South East Asia, AOPEN will continue to cooperate with our partners to explore the market with our competitive digital signage solutions and services.

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