Multimedia interactive KIOSK solution


AOPEN KIOSK solution provides consumer self-service and interactive experience in the store, which is ideal for floor tour, promotional activities, public services, arts and cultural activities, advertising, membership information and point inquiries. Your consumers can interact through the KIOSK and search for information.

AOPEN multimedia interactive KIOSK solution

  • Area guide and introduction
  • Public facilities guide
  • Corporate image
  • Paperless, eliminating the need for advertising posters
  • Promotion enhancement
  • Increase the additional advertising revenue
  • User-friendly and easy content production
  • Play pre-scheduled content according to time customer
  • Satisfaction survey system to understand the needs of customers
  • Simple and easy set up central management system
  • Dual real-time monitoring mechanism to avoid system failures
  • Web based platform
  • Intimate and intuitive interface
  • Relay server architecture
  • Quick search function
  • Custom design content templates
  • Youtube channel broadcast
  • Remote content playback monitoring
  • Emergency broadcasting
  • Online video playback
  • Scheduled power on and off
  • Support bar code scanner for self-service product inquiries
  • Online file playback record
  • Provide API interface for member information query

Support through API interface:

  • Worked with the face recognition system for automatically advertising
  • Support AOPEN MiNDnode Air – the customer relationship data application platform solutions, collecting the demographic information to analyze consumer behavior
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Playback data collection and analysis

Through the interactive process, you can collect the customer behavior and analysis.

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Support API for more devices

Combine with the face recognition system to trigger pre-defined ads and analyze system.

Work with AOPEN customer data collecting application solutions, to collect the demographic information for analyzing.

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Support API for more devices

Support bar code scanner device.

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MiNDnode Air

Fast and accurate marketing program

  • Accurately calculate the number of people in the store, and recognize new or returning customers
  • Head counting statistics recorded with time and area information
  • Detect gender and age for the product adjustment (Multi faces identification at the same time)
  • Face recognition can immediately discover VIP customers and provide them the exclusive information
  • Smile recognition, judging the consumer satisfaction for the current interactive information
  • Identify the current consumer interactive usage information
  • Track consumer currently viewing information through location
  • Record the interactive activities to discover the most popular information and the number of visitors for comparison analysis
  • Measure and evaluate audience accurately for customer behavior analysis
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AOPEN professional services

Customer journey consultancy

  • Requirements analysis
  • Project Planning
  • UX / UI design and production
  • Hardware and software solutions
  • Installation and construction planning

Digital content planning and producing services

  • Requirements analysis
  • Scripting
  • Special / general animation or film production
  • System performance testing
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The meaning of OPEN & SHARE
AOPEN Values - Sharing and Creating Prosperity

AOPEN is not only based on the "Open" business philosophy, but also share the success with partners and customers. The dual-brand strategy of value sharing is based on this philosophy. Combining the expertise and advantages of AOPEN and partners, we are happy to share value with all our partners, from the upstream component supply, R & D and production, and sales channels to the market. Create and recognized a long-term and good relations of cooperation with our partners, to ensure a stable and sustained supply of products for consumers and partners.

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Customer references

The customer successes are great examples of how AOPEN can improve a variety of environments whether your business operates in healthcare, hospitality, transportation, security or  education; AOPEN solutions will enable you to turn concepts into reality. 

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