AOPEN Newest Solution in Microsoft IoT EXPO in WCIT 2017

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Welcome to learn AOPEN newest solution in WCIT 2017

  • Smart AED with its People Counting Analytics
  • Smart Queuing System with In-Store Analytics

Smart AED with its People Counting Analytics

You must know what the AED is, but you must not know that AED is no longer just the function of AED itself with the progress of science and technology! AOPEN, the solution/service provider, accumulated years of professional skills and experience in the application market. We integrate the AED equipment with digital engines and microcontrollers to provide a variety of detection capabilities successfully. For example, when an emergency occurs, the AED equipment door is opened, and the warning light and the alarm sound call the surrounding masses to pay attention to the situation, help to call an ambulance or other auxiliary work. In the meantime, the main rescue staff can follow the AED teaching video guidelines to get correct and effective rescue measures through the AED equipment’s screen. Then, if the rescue device is not returned over time, it will also be issued warning reminder by AED equipment so that to keep this device on duty at any time.

Furthermore, this smart AED equipment is a combination of screen applications, so it can also be used as an advertising platform. Even, we can do the detective when it detects someone is close then to provide the latest information. Of course, AOPEN has built a people counting probe radar and combined with IoT technology, using the smart phone MAC Address (media access control address) information to help the marketer to know the customer profile data which was collected from cloud quickly. In order to utilize this big data to develop marketing strategy and have more understanding of fields’ hot area and the customer journey.

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Smart Queuing System with In-Store Analytics

Still queuing in front of the store for meal for a long time? We all know that marketer hope customer can visit their store as many people as possible; however, it is also accompanied by lots of people will crowd surrounding the store. As a result, AOPEN has developed a set of cloud-based service in queuing up and customer profile analysis systems that are to solve marketers’ problems easily. This solution uses the public cloud's marginal restrictions to provide customers to get the queuing number and simultaneously synchronizes this queuing information to show on the on-site digital signage via private cloud. So that, customer can see the queuing information in time including to see expectations waiting time, current waiting number and seat arrangement status ... and so on. Through this digitalize of deploy to enhance the work efficiency and immediate services to meet consumers’ need.

On the other hand, AOPEN's total solution also includes face feature identification technology to discern customers’ gender, age bracket and to calculate how long that customer spends to watch the marketing content instantly. When we get this big data, it can be seen as the basic information to review the beginning setting of target and potential customers to adjustment of marketing strategies and take the initiative to meet consumer demand timely. We know that since the sales performance gains from the store site so it is very important to get the actual appearance from there. From now on, the marketing strategy is no longer imagined and we can enhance the sales by this once again effectively.

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The meaning of OPEN & SHARE
AOPEN Values - Sharing and Creating Prosperity

AOPEN is not only based on the "Open" business philosophy, but also share the success with partners and customers. The dual-brand strategy of value sharing is based on this philosophy. Combining the expertise and advantages of AOPEN and partners, we are happy to share value with all our partners, from the upstream component supply, R & D and production, and sales channels to the market. Create and recognized a long-term and good relations of cooperation with our partners, to ensure a stable and sustained supply of products for consumers and partners.

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