AOPEN cloud solutions lead the future of advertising – AdAsia 2015 Taipei

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AdAsia 2015 Taipei was successfully finished on Nov. 22~25 2015. As the only sponsor of cloud solutions for the event, AOPEN had shown 16 cloud solutions throughout the event. Meanwhile, Bernie Tsai, the founder of AOPEN, had a speech in the event raised the attention of big data via digital signage for future advertising and marketing. And all guests were well experienced AOPEN’s cloud solutions with digital application and services in this great event.

AOPEN demonstrated 16 interactive digital signage solutions, such as a solution combined the AOPEN eShelves, mobile app and face recognizing to provide more personalized interactive user experience. All the solutions can offer customers a friendly service and collect precious data including gender, age, and stay duration. These data is the import merits to build customer profiles for advanced advertising and marketing analyzing. This is because AOPEN consider the digital signage is not only an eye-catching display but a high efficient customer analyzing solution. With the data collected by face recognize function, advertising agency and brand owner will know their customers better and deeper. Thus, the customized digital signage solutions were highly recommended by all visitors.

AdAsia previously held in Taiwan in 1966 and 2001, this was the third time that Taiwan has played host to the prestigious event. The theme of this year’s event is “Clouidea” aimed at exploring how cloud computing technology has pushed the boundaries of creativity, turning creativity into something that is virtually limitless. AdAsia 2015 Taipei Steering Committee Chairman Michael Hsu said “AOPEN’s solutions will be the great help to advertising industry, and I think these solutions not only for the future, they are happening right now!”

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