OpenSign™ is a marketing and digital signage platform that enables agencies, retailers and marketers push HTML5 content to interactive devices, from small to large

OpenSign provides an easy-to-install, easy-to-use, secure, managed, interactive and measurable digital signage network to enrich and expand the boundaries of customer experience.

OpenSign delivers everything marketers need to manage and measure digital communications. Extend your online conversations in-store by unifying the web, mobile assets and the retail floor to create new and highly-targeted experiences for shoppers.

Win the in-store omnichannel race with your existing web tools.

OpenSign allows store owners to:

+ Actively manage content without design experience
+ Eliminate costly print errors
+ Utilize real-time offers and promotions
+ Create once, publish to many screens

Savvy consumers are expecting more from their retail experience

Our new digital signage and screen offering ensures every retailer can move towards online retail by not only promoting engagement in-store but encouraging customers to take the retail experience with them when they leave the store.

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No-one likes unnecessary effort.

You're already delivering content to your website, mobile and tablets, and you're likely using a web CMS. Leverage your existing processes and workflows to efficiently manage digital signage content from screens small-to-large, across one or many stores.

Win the race for omnichannel dominance and deliver consistent, tailored and polished product communications in-store.

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Customer engagement is utopia to a retailer.

Your customers are time poor, distracted, astute in their decision-making and careful with where they spend their money… so you need one platform that gives you the opportunity to truly engage with your customers.

Whether it's gamification, movement sensors, personalisation or sharing content across multiple-devices, OpenSign provides a framework enabling you to do what you need to do in connecting with your customers.

Chat with you agency, or brainstorm with our sales team to understand the possibilities.

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OpenSign is built for marketing savvy humans… not computer scientists.

We've worked tirelessly to conceal the technologies that drive the OpenSign platform so that set-up, training and ongoing use is fast, effective… and human.

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Any Size

Built on the AOPEN platform, OpenSign provides a world first signage system that plays on the low-cost Android® operating system across screen hardware from small-to-large screens with the possibility to play offline thanks to the Screener app.

OpenSign is designed for commercial use, making for a secure and purpose-built digital signage system that guarentees operation.

From hand-held devices to extra-large 65" displays — choose screens specific to your size needs. Anything is possible.

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Knowledge is power.

OpenSign delivers real-time analytics of the physical and digital retail environment enabling you to respond to changing market conditions.

With Google Analytics we can track customer interaction and screen effectiveness even drilled down to click behaviour. Via extra add-ons we can also measure viewing behaviour, customers engagement and conversion.

Tailor content and customer experience in-store to the point-of-purchase. Drive accountability. Drive outcomes. Drive success.

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Worldwide Support

OpenSign is supported by a dedicated, friendly and professionally-trained team who consider every customer a priority.

Whether you're getting started, or you've been with us since the beginning… there's always a moment where you'll need some help.

So rest assured, a global OpenSign team is always ready to help you with any queries.

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The M2M market is growing fast. With OpenSign you can follow this trend and make sure you communicate via the right channel to your audience.

Communicate to your customer in-store via touch devices and connect via their own smart devices.

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