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Interactive Navigation and Signage in Retail 

"We have chosen AOPEN players because we had the highest demand from our client in terms of robustness and reliability. With the superior experience we had from other projects in the past, it was an easy decision." - Klaus Trox, CEO friendlyway

Sporthaus Schuster is a sport shop in Germany with its headquarters in Munich. It is famous for its competence and authentic look and feel. Today shopping at the renovated company's headquarters with 500 square meters of shopping ground turns into an actual sporting event. With a steep footpath, 25 metres in total height, and its unique architecture: the sports store is built up like a genuine mountain – the valley below, the peak above.

With the renovations Sporthaus Schuster decided to integrate Digital Signage into its retail concept. Digital Signage in retail is becoming a real trend nowadays, because retailers understand the benefits of interactive signage as opposed to static signage. Digital Signage can attract a customer’s attention and have a direct influence on the buying behaviour and in-store experience. Content on the screens can be easily changed and maintained from one central point, keeping the promotions up to date without spending any money on printing. It all comes down to one thing and that is to increase sales. A store can be very successful with the correct Digital Signage investment.

Key benefits

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Positive innovative store image
  • Stimulate sales
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The Challenge

Finding your way in a large store like Schuster becomes a real challenge when it is not displayed correctly. Customers trying to find something will ask store employees for directions. Often the customer has to walk around the building trying to understand the paper signage and will gradually lose interest in the product or service he needs. As a result, he may walk out without making a purchase. In order to service its customers better and increase sales, the Sporthaus Schuster decided to provide the customer with interactive information points allowing them to quickly search through the long list of products, brands, and services, and find their way around the store.

The Solution

Friendlyway, a leading provider of touch screen kiosks, digital signage solutions and internet kiosk software, was asked to provide the solution for Sporthaus Schuster and took on the project and full implementation management. Friendlyway offered Store Navigator - a quick and easy turnkey solution for retail stores, which makes navigation in the building much easier for customers and at the same time requires minimum maintenance costs and time. One of the reasons to choose friendlyway was the possibility to get everything from one supplier: friendlyway offers complete systems and support using cutting edge technology.

Friendlyway introduced two interactive friendlyway impress touch terminals with vertical 52 inch displays. A customer can start the search by clicking on any button on the screen. For example, by clicking the Brands button, he or she will see the list of all available brands displayed in alphabetical order. Now the customer can select the brand, and the application will display the list of products of that brand including directions. The system also enables the customer to enter keywords in the Search section by using a virtual keyboard. The application allows the customer to switch between English and German. When the touch screen is not in use, the application automatically returns to the homepage. Additionally twenty-one 42 inch Philips displays were installed powered by AOPEN Digital Engine DE45-PRO and friendlyway software. The displays show route descriptions, promotions as well as advertising loops. All systems are managed from one central point, therefore easy to maintain and control, saving precious time.

The Result

The kiosks have proven to be very helpful for its customers, because the application is intuitive and simple to use. Customers don’t seem to have any difficulties in getting the necessary directions and truly enjoy using the touch-screen technology. Employees at Schuster also notice that customers don’t ask for directions that much. Customers spend less time looking for products or services and are better informed. Customer satisfaction is growing and reinforcing the positive image of Schuster as innovative, forward looking, and customer needs driven.

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