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Digital signage in transportation

For travelers it is crucial to receive the right information at the right time at the right place. Finding directions, getting a ticket and waiting are all part of a travelers life. The smoother these processes go, the better the experience. On point communication can influence the travel experience significantly and make it into a more pleasant or deal. Moreover digital signage can also entertain and engage with travelers who have been waiting for times on end. 

The possibilities of digital signage are quite vast, and despite the conventional signage that has been implemented for years, digital signage can be so much more versatile.

Digital signage in transportation can enhance the travel experience in the following ways:

  • Wayfinding through digital information boards, with up-to-date travel information such as platform or gate changes.
  • Centrally managed scheduling assistant that is connected to the signage network to automatically update information, such as flight information systems, metro network systems, bus platforms etc.
  • Integrate real time information such as weather, traffic info, special announcements and/or social media.
  • Self-service check-in kiosk, to speed up the process of checking in or printing a boarding pass.
  • Boost sales by using displays for the use of advertisement at points where travelers are waiting, such as: the train platform, the baggage claim area, the departure hall, in the bus etc.

AOPEN supports many digital signage networks in transportation. A couple of references are: Zurich Airport, San Francisco Airport, Barcelona Airport, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (metro, bus and tram network).


Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona 

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) is Catalonia’s main public transport operator in Barcelona, covering the buses and metro network services in the city. With thousands of passengers a day riding the bus and metro networks in Barcelona, TMB provides users with real time public transport information along with general and practical information to enrich the journey. 

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Barcelona Airport

Advertisement and entertainment at the point of wait. In the waiting areas of the gate, passengers can now view the large displays which have been beautifully integrated with the design of the waiting hall.

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BMO Offshore

AOPEN’s Digital Engine on speedboats endures extreme conditions that would cripple almost any technology.

BMO Offshore is a strongly data-driven organization that provides deep operational information based on the on-board measurement system that it installs on each client’s boats, using the innovative Vessel Black Box solution including the AOPEN Digital Engine computing device.

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