Taiwan Star Telecom Deploy AOPEN Digital Signage Solution

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Taiwan Star Telecom Corporation Limited (T Star) was founded in 2013 and became a 900MHz 4G telecommunication service provider on June 4, 2014. Its recent merger with Vibo Telecom expanded Taiwan Star’s services to include 3G broadband throughout Taiwan.


Each of their 32 stores is equipped with the latest technology in digital signage, but when it came time to build their flagship store in the Taipei 101 Shopping Center, T Star turned to AOPEN to help enhance the shopper’s digital experience.  AOPEN worked closely with T Star to implement an 18-screen irregular video wall to surround the exterior entrance of the store and a 12-screen interior video wall; all of which are controlled by AOPEN proprietary software.   In addition, four AOPEN eTILEs were installed on the shelves to provide interactive product information at the customers’ fingertips.


T Star’s digital signage requirements varied from store to store, but AOPEN’s team of professional technicians and engineers carefully surveyed and inspected each location to select the right solution for each deployment.  The flagship store’s exterior video wall called for AOPEN’s unique multi-screen technology and custom software was created to enable a single media player to control all 18 screens. This professional, hands-on approach from the AOPEN complements their reputation for product reliability and dependability.

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AOPEN selected the TKM320-R300, TK5100i-R3000 and DE7200 media player and the DSD55-HE2, DSD42-HE2, DSD42-HE (with touch screen) and DSD42-HE digital signage displays for T Star’s video wall application. The interactive AOPEN eTILE series with IP65 was equipped with a water and dust resistance panel to protect the unit from the environment and accidents.

Hardware List

Media player series

  • TKM320-R3000
  • TK5100i-R3000
  • DE7200
  • eTILE

Digital Signage Series

  • DSD55-HE2
  • DSD42-HE2
  • DSD42-HE (with touch screen)
  • DSD42-HE
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Prior to installation, AOPEN provided T Star with the design blueprints, engineered and prototyped each solution, and tested all hardware and software to ensure for the most optimal user experience and functionality. AOPEN modularized installation techniques helped to save time and kept the project on track to meet the tight schedule for T Star’s grand opening.


AOPEN provided training and defined the guidelines for deploying content for the video wall solution, digital signage application, and integrated scheduling system.

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Application Features:

AOPEN integrated the hardware and software for T Star’s video wall solution, digital signage application, and interactive product information system with the capability for system expansion in the future.

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