Key Factors to Build Up The Video Wall

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The AOPEN Videowall was designed for long-term use and 24/7 operability. The advantage of having multiple displays connected to one large display is the ability to show different content per screen.  Thanks to the content management system, the user is even able to control content from a single location. Its advanced scheduling possibilities allows you to run different content at a certain time of the day or even to turn the power off to save on energy costs.  

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The videowall consists of multiple displays that form one large display. The narrow bezel makes the gap between the displays minimal.

AOPEN videowall is designed for long-term use and 24/7 operability. The advantage of having multiple displays connected to eachother to form one large display is the greater pixel density per unit cost and ability to run different content per display.

Thanks to the content management system, the user is even able to control the content from a single location with scheduling possibilities to run different content at a certain time of day or even turning the power off to save on energy costs.

Cloud Management Application

  • Remote Management by RS232 Communications
  • Content Dispatch
  • Digital Mobile Devices (java)

Customers can use the interface on any device to remotely control and manage the content that is displayed on the videowall. The 46” displays can be daisy-chained and adjusted all at once using the unique ID number. Daisy-chained monitors are controlled simultaneously with the IR remote from a single master monitor location.

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The borders of ultra-slim bezel between neighboring displays are smaller than 0.7 cm width.

Maximum 5x5 Video Wall
Built-in video wall matrix function connects up to maximum 25 displays (1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 1x5, 2x1, 2x2, 3x1, 3x3, 4x1, 4x4, 5x1, 5x5)

Tiling Capability with Frame Compensation. The ability to combine up to 25 displays accurately to display a single large image with compensation for the width of the display bezels.

The display’s operating schedule can be programmed for up to seven different scheduled time intervals by time and day of the week. Save power during hours or days that the system is not used by turning off the power via the scheduling management system.

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Display features

  • Response time: 8ms
  • Contrast Ratio: 4500:1
  • Brightness: 450cd/m2
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Resolution: 1366x768

AOPEN Digital Engine support for the Videowall:

  • High quality and stable performance systems 
  • Small size players with best thermal solution behind the displays
  • Accessories like TV tuner card, Wi-Fi kits for diverse applications
  • Low power consumption to lower the management cost
  • I/O ports to increase the expandability of products

TITONONE wall mount for a secure mounting solution

  • Dimension(mm): 555(H)x960(W)x132(D)
  • Vertical and horizontal fine tuning adjustment
  • Capacity: Maximum 40 KG
  • Material: Galvanized steel 
  • VESA Mount: Support all VESA holes

Titan Wall Stand

  • Dimension(mm): 640(H)x960(W)x800(D)
  • Simple assembly process and black coating design 
  • Material: Galvanized steel
  • Capacity: Maximum 300 KG
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The meaning of OPEN & SHARE
AOPEN Values - Sharing and Creating Prosperity

AOPEN is not only based on the "Open" business philosophy, but also share the success with partners and customers. The dual-brand strategy of value sharing is based on this philosophy. Combining the expertise and advantages of AOPEN and partners, we are happy to share value with all our partners, from the upstream component supply, R & D and production, and sales channels to the market. Create and recognized a long-term and good relations of cooperation with our partners, to ensure a stable and sustained supply of products for consumers and partners.

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DA2K video wall controller

  • 4 Channel video wall controller with HDMI 1.3 1080P 
  • Pixel base image position fine-tune
  • Split signal source and scale up to FHD for each display .
  • Arbitrary cropping display area (zoom in/out/rotation/flip)
  • Support different LCD size and resolution
  • AP Tool works in Windows platform

Customer references

The customer successes are great examples of how AOPEN can improve a variety of environments whether your business operates in healthcare, hospitality, transportation, security or  education; AOPEN solutions will enable you to turn concepts into reality. 

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