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Microsoft is the leading company of positive impact when it comes to operating system.
Nowadays, the role of cloud computing has acted a crucial part for deployment of IoT revolution.
Providing better quality for our customers, AOPEN partnered Microsoft and launched series devices certified by Microsoft Azure to join the big data wave.  

AOPEN have several products get the Azure certification, including the latest release of eTILE-X15/19, eTILE-15/19M-FW and eTILE-22M-FB for all-in-one interactive display and DE3450/DE3450-S for digital engine separately..Learn more

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eTILE All-in-One touchdisplays

The eTILE is an ultra-thin and exceptionally powerful multi-touch all-in-one touch display. Designed for commercial retail use, it also has a keen sense of style and aesthetic detail with a slick piano black construction that will enhance any shopper’s user experience. It’s the kind of device that will markedly improve the engagement between thecustomer and your brand as a result.




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AOPEN Computing Platform

The small form factor makes it ideal to integrate in a kiosk or POS system or simply mount it behind the display. All systems have passed shock and vibration tests to ensure performance in rigirous environments. Some of our devices are fanless, making them ideal for tough environments or for installation in moving vehicles.

Microsoft Azure Certified Models

MP3050  DE3450  DE3450-S

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