dm22 400x250

Digital Mosaic 22M

A versatile 21.5" display

A 21.5" display specially designed for creative retailers looking for an eye-catching display. Ideal for playing video or displaying advertising in both horizontal and vertical alignment. 

dsd42 he2


The 42" entry level display

The DSD42-HA2 is designed for continuous use; each component is carefully chosen and rigorously tested to offer the utmost in both durability and reliability. The narrow bezel makes it easy to integrate this display in different retail designs.  

dsd46 content

The DSD46-HE

The robust and bright 46" display

The DSD46-HE is a robust 46” display that has been developed to integrate in various environments.  With its ultra-bright panel this display is guaranteed to attract attention and entice the passerby. 



AOPEN Video wall display 

The DSD46-VE is a 46" display that has been designed especially to fit in a video wall. The AOPEN Video wall displays are amongst the world's thinnest measurements. The DSD46-VE is a display that can be used in various configurations to allow more creative architectural video walls.

dsd55 he2 400x250


The 46” slim bezel display

The DSD 46-VE2 display is created to fit seamlessly in a 10x10 Videowall, with its thin bezel and metal framework the DSD46-VE2 is a reliable and robust solution for individual use as well as larger Videowall projects.  

dsd55 front content 250x400


DSD55-VA2 Video Wall Display

The DSD55-VA2 is an excellent display to apply in video walls, with the possibility to include up to 10x10  displays in one set-up. This 55" bright display is designed with an ultra-thin bezel which allows this display to be integrated seamlessly into existing environments. 

dsd65 he2


The 65" ultra-bright display

The DSD65-HE2 is an ultra-bright 65” inch display with slim bezel. This display is the perfect solution for a brand that wants to make a statement with their interior design and in-store communication.  

dsd32 uw 400x250


The 32:9 bar type display

Bar type displays are used to complement the space and integrate seamlessly into fixtures and columns. The DSD28-UW is a bright 28” display which design allows great flexibility. 

dsd38 uw 400x250


The flexible 38" bar type display

This 38” bar display can be creatively implemented in various situations, due to its design it is possible to integrate this display seamlessly into fixtures and columns. 

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