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Digital signage in finance and banking

When it comes to the financial sector nothing is more important than real-time information. Relevant information in combination with infotainment can really strengthen a brand, especially in a sector where reliability is such an important factor. Limit queuing and relieve employees from the smaller duties by giving your customers the possibility to perform self-service banking through touchscreen kiosks.  

These important ways of supporting personnel and informing customers can make a significant difference in the way a bank or financial institute can be perceived. Digital signage can further support this sector in the following ways:

  • Give real-time information about current interest rates, special deals and other financial news.
  • Manage your network from a single location and keep data up-to-date and secure. A secured signage network is crucial for banking and finance outlets. 
  • Ensure interactive information points for customers and enhance the positive brand experience.
  • Stimulate the brand experience through visual stimuli and promotions.
  • Relieve employees from the smaller inquiries by installing interactive information kiosks. 
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Bolsa de Madrid stock exchange

Bolsa de Madrid (Madrid Stock Exchange) is the largest of Spain’s four stock exchanges. When it comes to the trading of stocks and bonds, nothing is more important than real-time information.

The concept is based on a single control station, to manage and control all hardware associated with the system. This flow of information can’t be disrupted.

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ING Bank

Digital Signage used in ING Bank branch locations throughout Poland. Audio and video are completely in sync through motion detection. Customers get easy access to information via the interactive terminals. And kids get entertained with fun digital interactive games in the Kid's corner.

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Products and solutions for finance and banking

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