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AOPEN’s OpenService Solutions allow businesses to maximise their investments in signage solutions with expert advice on how to best apply them for their own customers. These Solutions add layers of value to our customers by building solutions and partnerships that transcend hardware.

Central to OpenService Solutions is our ability to tailor what we offer to the customer. Our consulting team, through OpenInsight, will build a solution to spec: assisting with concept development, creating designs, taking into account hardware, software and even financing, to make the solution broadly available with solid business fundamentals.

Additionally, we offer OpenAnalytics, a range of technologies and tools that allow our customers to effectively analyse the behaviour of their consumers, ensuring that they see the right message at the right time. As effective data analysis becomes more critical to organisations, OpenAnalytics is an important business asset that we are able to offer our customers.

We can even help you with the content that you’ll display to your customers, from strategy to production. Keeping technology properly maintained is also critical in realising maximum value, which is where OpenCare comes in. We can take on the burden of updating, maintaining and troubleshooting your technology for you, reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO). 

With OpenCare there's no need to worry about ongoing maintenance for your solution. We can manage this for you, ensuring your technology is always up to date and working seamlessly.

AOPEN OpenService is your one-stop-shop for end-to-end best practice in intelligent signage. From consultancy and design through to installation and networking, product management, maintenance and support, it creates a tailor-made strategy to suit the end customer’s needs.

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