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Imagine a playground where you can touch, feel, grow your experiences and grow your business. AOPEN is everywhere the transaction takes place - that’s how we define retail

THE RETAIL EVOLUTION LABS are centres of excellence where any customer-facing business can come and be truly wowed at the value that our technologies can provide. Spec sheets and video are one thing, but at AOPEN we firmly believe that seeing is believing. 

Currently there are four labs across the world in the USA, the Netherlands, Taiwan and Australia. 

First piloted in Melbourne, Australia, AOPEN’s Retail Evolution Labs are spaces in which customers can come and see our commercial technology in action. By experiencing our displays and Digital Engine media players in realistic scenarios, you’ll be inspired to bring innovation into your own business.

With London, Brazil, Japan and China soon to be added to our list of lab locations. Our London lab will also have a special focus on solutions for the financial sector along with retail, government, technology and hospitality.

The Retail Evolution Lab avoids gimmicks, instead it provides its customers with real, genuine insight into what digital technologies can help them achieve in their own stores. All the technology shown in the Lab is readily available, and AOPEN's experts are on hand to take questions all the way through.

The future of retail is on display in Melbourne, Australia, at the Gen2 Retail Evolution Lab by AOPEN

No more queuing for coffee, waiting for a different-sized top in the changing room or only shopping until 5 p.m. The lab allows consumers and retailers to have a hands-on experience with technology that is tipped to change the retail space in Australia. As you order a cocktail from the comfort of your bar seat and purchase goods by pressing a button on a window, the evolution looks set to integrate new technology with bricks-and-mortar retail establishments.

Real-life scenarios on display include:

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Fashion store: open all night
A glass projection touchscreen can be used to give customers 24/7 access to a fashion retailer even during closing hours of the shop. They can select the clothes they see on a shop window mannequin or connect to the online store, pick the size they need, and order.

More expertise on the sales floor
Products that need more explanation or that require a certain demonstration can be promoted via digital displays. Store assistants can guide people to these devices when a customer requires more info about a certain product that he or she is not familiar with. By adding email and/or SMS services, the customer can send information to oneself; the retailer can gather the customer data.

Stock available via online
Putting digital ordering kiosks in your store to maximize your stock is a great way to offer your customer more options. Perhaps certain colours or sizes are not available in the showroom, but are still visible on a digital display and also available for order in the store via an online ordering system. Avoid saying ‘no’ and extend your services by delivering at home or in-store. 

A shop assistant at your finger tips
In a shop dressing room, using a small touch display, you can create interactive changing rooms where shoppers can simply scan the label of what they're trying on, and request a different size.  The sales assistant automatically gets notified on their own tablet or smartphone. The system can also suggest accessories to go with the outfit a shopper has chosen, helping drive further sales through services.

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The future is bright

The future of retail is an informed-rich customer, where a consumer can get information from anywhere. It will allow retailers to engage with their customers in a different way.

With the right strategy and solutions, and visionary partners, retailers can harness the digital dimension, gain vital insights and drive sales and customer satisfaction. With advanced information technology tools delivering beautiful, dynamic, compelling content, the future is literally bright.

AOPEN is prepared for this revolution, with more and more solutions underway designed with retailers for retailers. Design, functionality and reliability are important factors in retail environments. Together with retail design specialists, we build solutions that fit the needs of the customer.

Come and visit us at one of our labs and see it for yourself.

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