webmobile digital engine

Mini PC

AOPEN Digital Egine series consists of a range of computing devices that provide an outstanding platform in applied computing. Each device has low power consumption and guarantees 24/7 operability. The unique small form factor makes it ideal to integrate in a kiosk or POS system or simpliy mount it behind the display. All systems have passed shock and vibration tests to ensure performance in rigorous environments. 

webmobile page displays



mobile accessory


AOPEN配件能支持和扩充AOPEN产品的灵活性。如多功能壁挂支架,让您可以用更具创意的方式安装显示器,以及固定您的Mini PC,以打造理想中的系统的配置。因此,我们相信每一个解决方案都是可行的。

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