Haivision CoolSign and AOPEN Partnership

Aquiring the Digital Signage Solution

Aquired in Q4 of 2010 by Haivision Inc, Coolsign was a software provider catering to resellers and end-users that were looking to get into digital signage but were having difficulties understanding the vast array of products and services available to them. After their acquisition, the need for a hardware based digital signage solution became a top priority.

80% of the market

As a software company, CoolSign was looking to broaden their reach in the digital signage landscape, Raffi Vartian, Director of Business Development said, "We needed to have a hardware out-of-the-box experience where users can simply pull something out of a box and have it online. We were looking to cover 80% of the (digital signage) market, and we found that AOPEN was covering 80% of that market."

CoolSign Software / AOPEN Hardware

CoolSign is a feature-rich signage solution that incorporates sophisticated and patented technology to control, schedule, distribute, display, and monitor digital media. A mature technology that can scale to meet the demands of digital signage deployments of any size, CoolSign can manage media displays from complex video walls, to synchronized flat panels, to highly distributed picture frames. Initially launched more than 12 years ago, CoolSign boasts a large installed base of networks and players at premier clients, including the US Department of Defense, covering a broad spectrum from retail to corporate to pure-play digital-out-of-home advertising (DOOH) networks. Some of these applications run 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, and the media player behind it needs to be able to withstand those demands.The AOPEN DE7000, with its ability to run the most demanding high definition content, was
chosen to fill that out-of-the-box need. Housed in a miniscule 6.5 by 6.5 inch foot print, is a fully configurable media player capable of handling the most rigorous of digital signage installations. "It's a rock solid 'industry grade', great Windows-based platform." Raffi added.

Working with AOPEN

When asked about what kind of feedback he received about AOPEN hardware, Raffi said, "Well, here's the thing. We only get feedback from our clients when there are negative things to say. We haven't heard anything back from them(regarding AOPEN hardware). Take that as a positive." Asked about their relationship with AOPEN, Raffi stated, "AOPEN is very easy to work with and listened to our feedback. There is a great group of partnering organizations working with them, and it's a great company to be involved with."

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