AOPEN at InfoComm 2012

18 June 2012, As the needs and expectations of consumers rapidly change, marketing to these consumers need to become dynamic. Communicating effective marketing that attracts, engages, and creates brand experiences is not easy but the rise of interconnected digital ecosystems will change all of that by presenting advertising and messaging in a different way. Consumers need to be attracted and incentivized to act on messaging and to interact with content. By transitioning to digitally connected devices, business owners suddenly have the platform to create messaging that attracts and engages consumers. Having multiple devices that grabs attention, peaks interest, and creates interaction is what an interconnected digital ecosystem offers. Utilizing AOPEN products allows businesses to create and execute global messaging from anywhere in the world.

Traditional advertising is slow, ineffective, and riddled in complexities and business owners do not have the time or patience to deal with it all. AOPEN products ranging from media players, digital engines, and all in one touchscreens have enabled businesses to push beyond the normal boundaries of advertising and marketing and into a realm of new possibilities. AOpen simplifies the deployment process by offering hardware that is multi-functional and designed with performance and stability in mind.

Interested? Come see how AOPEN is transforming digital into a platform for businesses to influence consumers to learn, engage, and interact. We will be at InfoComm 2012 Booth #N1867 this year.

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