AOPEN Digital Signage hardware media players successfully tested with Dise software

's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, 26 April 2012, last year Klocktornet AB and AOPEN Europe announced the alliance partnership for their complementing products for the digital signage industry. Klocktornet AB is the company behind Dise software. Dise can be used in small, one-screen systems as well as in large global digital signage networks. Dise has been successfully deployed in systems with over 2000 screens, and has been the software of choice for large companies, banks and airports all around the world. Dise tested the AOpen Digital Engine DE7000 last year and now they have also tested the new models: DE35-HD with AMD Chipset and the DE67-HA with Intel 2nd generation i-core.

Dise has proven to be able to run on both low-end and high-end Digital Engine models without compromising the systems efficiency, providing the customer with a reliable and cost effective system. Dise software and AOPEN Digital Engine references can be found all around the world. A few examples are the Bolsa de Madrid Stock Exchange and the Mu . seum of Contemporary Art MACBA in Barcelon

Real Time Informative Signage on the Trade Floor

When it comes to the trading of stocks and bonds, nothing is more important than real-time information. This flow of information can’t be disrupted, because that could cost people large sums of money, therefore a new and more sophisticated system was built and implemented. The newly implemented digital signage concept meets the high demand for up to date information on the trading floor, offering different types of content regarding the condition of distinctive markets at any given moment in time. Key benefits of the AOPEN and Dise combination: real time content updates, reliable and powerful and complete control from one single point.

Enriched Multimedia Signage in Art Museum

The museum is not only up-to-date with history but also invests in current times. The museum makes use of today’s growing digital world with endless possibilities. The new concept strengthens the aesthetics of the museum. Visitors’ reaction is positive and the sales of the museum have gone up since the implementation of digital signage. Key benefits using AOPEN Digital Engine DE7000 and Dise software: time efficiency, remote control and centralized management.

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