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AOPEN eTILE All-in-One Touchscreens designed for commercial use

Now available in 15, 19 and 22 inch both on Android and Windows OS. Due to the top layer of a Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) display being glass, it offers a more robust solution as compared to resistive touch technology. The sensors are well protected and cannot move, giving the sensor a longer lifetime thus providing for a durable product. 

This design offers the most superior image quality and clarity in various light conditions. It is also able to sense a special stylus or coated gloves which may come in handy in commercial environments during winter time. 

The front panel is water resistant and with the back and sides completely sealed with hidden buttons, it is also protected against vandalism. This tamperproof design ensures performance in dusty and grease-filled air environments. 

The eTILE comes standard with a slim wall mount bracket, so an enclosure is not always a must. The thickness of this device is starting from 30mm, making for one of the thinnest devices with such strong PC capabilities.

Durability, reliability and lowering TCO are key advantages of this device.

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Product design and consumer response

The design of the eTILE is created together with retailers for retailers. The curved design and edge-to-edge glass give away that it is a touchscreen, therefore making the consumer respond intuitively once confronted with this device.   


Digital opens up a world of possibilities for marketers, shop owners, designers and retailers:

  • provide more information
  • analyse consumer behavior through clicks or facial recognition
  • hook into social media
  • visualize products in other environments
  • extend the product offering online
  • connect to ordering or even payment system for purchasing
  • bring in entertainment through games
  • let customers interact with your brand, like & share
  • capture data for follow up
  • and many more...
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Thin form factor

The thin form factor of the eTILE makes it possible to integrate into a thin kiosk that takes up hardly any space. At a tradeshow in Spain, Opel displayed their full car range into a digital catalogue. Customers could browse through the selection. Digital has the big advantage of capturing data, so integrating the possibility to enter personal details for sending over the digital brochure, providing retailers with the possibility to increase lead generation activities.  

The eTILE is available both on Windows and Android OS throughout the world. For inquiries or more information, please contact an AOPEN representative via

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