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Interactive Wayfinding and Information Solution enhances the shopper experience in French shopping mall

Hammerson digitizes the Saint-Sébastien shopping center in Nancy with AOPEN and ViaDirect

Rosmalen, August 20th, 2016 - AOPEN’s powerful Digital Engines are used as a backbone for the wayfinding and information solution in the Saint-Sébastien shopping mall in Nancy. With this solution not only was the shoppers’ experience enhanced, but the length of stay in the mall was extended and information processing was improved.

Hammerson, one of the 10 European leaders in property management and commercial real estate, chose AOPEN hardware, combined with the ViaDirect Wayfinding Interactive Solution, to digitize the Saint-Sébastien shopping mall in Nancy.

The challenge that Hammerson faced was to find the ultimate match between hardware and software for the demanding, high traffic environment of the shopping mall. AOPEN devices are known to be the most ruggedized of its kind, designed for 24/7 usage and their stable performance in harsh environments. All of these specifications matched the requirements of the customer. ViaDirect’s Wayfinding Solution performed exceptionally well on AOPEN hardware and had the right look and feel that matched the expectations.

“The match up was actually really easy. Our experience has proven that a ViaDirect wayfinding solution performs strongly with AOPEN devices. That combined with the requirements for ruggedized products from AOPEN was a perfect match”, says Minouche van den Berg, Marketing Manager at AOPEN Europe.


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The wayfinding solution was installed to inform shoppers about events and promotions but mostly it helps them to navigate more easily through the Saint-Sébastien mall. In addition, touch displays attract and inform customers about upcoming events and promotions. This screen, combined with the kiosks ensured information was processed more efficiently, with an enhanced shopping experience and extended visiting times as a result.

“Combining the ruggedized AOPEN hardware with ViaDirect’s information and wayfinding solution creates a very reliable and powerful solution for Hammerson. We understand how important it is to create the best possible shopping experience and this solution has been proven to work”, Says Minouche van den Berg, Marketing Manager AOPEN Europe. 

“We use AOPEN players on all ViaDirect's deployment in the world for the past 3 years, following AOPEN product lines evolution. The DEX5350 from AOPEN fits our need to provide reliable hardware and the best ratio cost/performance for our real time 3D wayfinding software" says Jérôme Hérard, ViaDirect founding partner.

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Rugged technology for wayfinding & information

The installation in Saint-Sébastien is composed of 5 40” kiosk that is manufactured by ViaDirect. This kiosk incorporates the AOPEN DEX5350 and a 40” touch display. The DEX5350 is one of AOPEN’s high performance Full HD players with great reliability and a long lifecycle. With the growing demand for dynamic interactive apps; such as video conferencing, social media, interactive menu boards, kiosks, HD movies and many more powerful, content heavy applications, the DEX5350 allows you to stay ahead of the curve. Its small form factor ensures flexible integration opportunities into various situations.

The kiosks are equipped with ViaDirect’s information and wayfinding solution and managed by a powerful back-end system. The software includes 3D Orientation of multi-floors in real time, search options for shops by name and category and location services. The advertising spaces are dedicated to providing information to the visitors about their gift card and mobile application for the Hammerson shopping mall. Furthermore there is information available about the archaeology in the city, the infrastructure around the center and transportation and parking.

The 5 kiosks are respecting criteria of quality, design and manufacturing of the ViaDirect production, as well as using latest technologies to make this installation highly available. 



The DEX5350 is a fanless media player with advanced scheduling possibilities. This high-end computing device supports Ultra HD resolution (4K) playback and its slim (25 mm) solid-state design makes the DEX5350 a significant asset to multiple industries including the kiosk market.

The innovative design of the DEX5350 features:

  • Supports 5th generation Intel® Core™ i3, i5 processor
  • High performance support for Ultra HD resolution (4K)
  • Watchdog timer
  • Advanced scheduling possibilities due to Super RTC
  • Wake On LAN (WOL)
  • Power recovery via APAR (AC Power Auto Recovery)
  • Raid mode to enhance the reliability of the DEX5350
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