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Serving a digitalized experience without losing the personal touch

Gastronomy’s success story explains how digital signage can elevate the customer experience.

The Lee Fish Group in Sihlbrugg created an environment in which a bistro, a fishmonger, a takeaway and the El Pescador cooking studio & event location run besides each other. Lee Fish was therefore looking for the right solution to communicate to guests about the different aspects of the location, events and workshops. The answer to this request was digital signage. Nowadays a tailored digital signage network entertains, serves and informs guests, all without losing sight of the personal touch and human service.

Besides the personal touch Lee Fish focusses on warm hospitality, excellent quality and beautiful aesthetics. Therefore, Littlebit Technology developed a network based digital signage solution in close cooperation with system integrator ARP. Furthermore, AOPEN was involved for the hardware aspect and an architect was involved for the interior look. The final solution combines AOPEN all-in-one touch displays, go pro camera’s and a big screen with AOPEN player. Together with the sleek interior, this results in a professional and good-looking solution.


The challenge

Besides the environment that produces a lot of heat, dust, damp and the fact that this environment is greasy because of the cooking, Lee Fish needed a solution that was aesthetically attractive, easy to maintain and a solution that met the fire safety standards of the fire safety department. The displays would have to warrant long-term operation, even in the tough environment.

The maintenance of the digital content was a second challenge that had to be resolved. The change of content has to be easy and all employees have to be able to change the content if required. An intuitive system was therefore the demand.



The AOPEN all-in-one Chromebase Commercial touch displays functions as welcome screens in the staircases upon guest arrival. They contain information about orientation, event highlights and other news. Also, the Chromebase is used at the fishmonger’s sales counter where information about the company, the fish and its origin are displayed and their sustainable fishing methods are explained. The screens also function as the registry for the cooking workshop: guests are able to get more information regarding the workshops and there is the option to register directly.


Management, maintenance and content

All displays in the facility run on the Chrome OS. A user-friendly solution offers the staff members the ability and flexibility to change content remotely at any time. The content can then be distributed to different screens. Operating the displays could not be easier and it requires no technical knowledge.

Grab your pots and pans

And start cooking. The El Pescador is a perfect location for different events and cooking workshops. The digital signage now extends their warm welcome and culinary classes.

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Featured hardware

Chromebase Commercial 22"

The Chromebase Commercial 22" is designed for commercial use. The Chrome based multi-touch is ultra-thin and exceptionally powerful.

The Chromebase Commercial is a solid-state device designed to be extremely robust and secure, making it ideal for interactive public display in high traffic environments (e.g as a digital signage, POS kiosk system). To connect other devices such as POS peripherals and authentication devices (e.g. Biometrics), the Chromebase Commercial has commercial ports, ruling out the need for multiple power cables. 

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