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Digital signage in retail

Consumers are increasingly demanding when it comes to in-store communications. A well-structured retail environment and the accompanying signage can make a fundamental difference in the decision making process of the customer. Attract, inform and inspire your consumer with your unique digital signage strategy.

The future holds even more excitement for in-store communications. Retailers will be able to take the experience much further by hooking the digital content in with the physical space. Mobile commerce and smart communications technology have enjoyed signification adoption globally with further growth predicted for the coming years.

There are multiple ways in which a digital signage strategy can be deployed in retail:

  • Influence consumer behavior with the right message at the right time and the right place. Digital media such as video and animated text can gain the interest of passers-by.
  • Inform and entertain your customers during their shopping experience. Help them find the way in the store or provide additional information about products by using selection menus.
  • Tease your customers with interactive content, provide exclusive promotions or make use of gamification to engage with your customer. 
  • Use digital signage to reinvent bothersome processes such as queuing, into a more customer friendly experience with self-service kiosks for example.
  • Get to know your consumer by using loyalty programs that connect with the consumer in-store based on shopping behavior. Scan your card or track your consumer based on iBeacon technology.
  • Analyze shopping behavior based on age, gender, viewing time or click behavior and gain valuable insight that can strengthen the marketing campaign.
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van Domburg Partners

Heatmapping: one of the big words in retail today. With this in mind AOPEN and Van Domburg created a solution that serves three different purposes: Video Analytics, Video Surveillance and Digital Signage. Check out the video for a full overview of the solution, the devices and the services that AOPEN provided. 

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Saint-Sébastien Shopping Mall

Interactive Wayfinding and Information Solution enhances the shopper experience.

AOPEN’s powerful Digital Engines are used as a backbone for the wayfinding and information solution in the Saint-Sébastien shopping mall. With this solution not only was the shoppers’ experience enhanced, but the length of stay in the mall was extended and information processing was improved.

The wayfinding solution was installed to inform shoppers about events and promotions but mostly it helps them to navigate more easily through the mall. The kiosks ensured information was processed more efficiently, with an enhanced shopping experience and extended visiting times as a result.


FCBotiga Megastore

FCBotiga Megastore creates a unique experience both in terms of innovation and technology, offering its customers a seamless digital experience and the chance to instantly see and buy the finished product.

With the redesign of the shop in December 2013 the store is now much bigger with a lot of nifty technology that integrates perfectly with the stunning interior design elements. A sixteen meter-wide LED screen takes center stage like a football arena with a stadium shaped staircase. 

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Taste Twelve

The restaurant guides from Taste Twelve allows food lovers to explore unique and carefully selected restaurants.  

With the AOPEN In-Store Showcase, Taste Twelve was able to show and explain the concept of the restaurant guide to the customers in the department store. The In-Store Showcase consists of a 32" transparent display and the AOPEN Digital Engine DE35-HD, a powerful, cost-effective media player that ensured a stable platform. 

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Inglot Cosmetics shop

Eye-catching product presentation in-store. Inglot is known for its wide range of colours and for creating exciting ways for cosmetics to be packaged and applied.

Beautiful presentation is vital for beauty products, which is why Inglot turned to technology, seeking AOPEN’s advice on the latest ways to present products and carry out innovative in-store marketing through digital communications. 

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Alexandrium shopping center

Shopping center Alexandrium Rotterdam uses interactive digital wayfinding. With such a large ground of shopping space, the management of Alexandrium Rotterdam decided to give innovation such as digital signage and wayfinding a place in this modern shopping center.

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sporthaus schuster

Sporthaus Schuster 

Sporthaus Schuster is a sport shop in Germany with its headquarters in Munich, famous for its competence and authentic look and feel. With renovations coming up, Sporthaus Schuster decided to integrate digital signage into its retail concept with the help of AOPEN.  


Baricentro Barcelona shopping center 

Baricentro Barcelona is a state-of-the-art shopping center which has chosen to integrate digital dignage wayfinding into its retail concept.


Garmin navigation store promotion

Garmin international is a marketleader in navigation and communications systems for the airforce, automotive, watersport and outdoor sectors. They are innovators in their area of expertise and this is also shown in their promotional activities. The company installed a digital signage solution in the window of one of their stores in Moscow, Russia. 

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