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The Retail landscape is changing

The retail landscape has seen some significant changes the past few years with digitization taking place in the everyday life of today's connected consumer. Different studies show that the consumer will switch more easily between channels. In 2015 it is predicted that 54,1% will be cross channel buyer. As we see online purchases increasing, the demand for the physical store will remain. Especially for clothes, sporting goods, shoes and personal lifestyle products the consumer is still likely to visit the store. 

With digitization comes great opportunity. Retailers can expand and connect their online and offline strategy. Providing digital media solutions in store to enhance the shopping experience and service level. 

Since possibilities are endless, AOPEN has launched the Retail Evolution Lab initiative to demonstrate digital communication solutions for in-store use and to provide inspiration for retailers and brands that seek to enhance their omnichannel marketing strategy.

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Digital In-Store

Combine different channels in-store to enhance the communications across multiple channels: Mobile, Social, POS and In-Store Displays.

Create synergy through your communication platform and increase the customer experience.

Digital can have different purposes:

  • Airtime for advertisements in-store, video, text, life feeds, weather or traffic
  • Provide product information that is normally not available in-store, so store clerks can give appropriate advice
  • Create a selection menu and guide customers through the decision making process
  • Offer extra services such as delivery at home
  • Connect your payment system to a self-service kiosk for speedy check out
  • Personalize promotions or combine loyalty programs with loyalty cards, Smartphone recognition or even on facial recognition
  • Influence customers at the point of sale, by showing other relevant products or products with more margin
  • Manage advertisements based on stock levels
  • Analyze consumer behavior based on gender, age, viewing time and click behavior on touchscreens
  • Give products a digital dimension: show a product in real life scenarios, in a different color etc.
  • Make your marketing campaign more effective by using data analytics 

The Consumer Journey

There are many things to consider when integrating digital media in-store. A consumer for instance travels quite a lot before coming to a final purchase decision. The consumer journey shows the many steps someone partakes before even considering a product let alone share it with others. How digital media fits in this picture can be seen in this step by step map. 

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Retail Evolution Lab

Visit one of the Retail Evolution Labs to get more information on how you can effectively use digital media for your retail store or brand. 

Contact us for an appointment.

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