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KPN brings paintings of the famous Rijksmuseum Amsterdam to life via digital signage

KPN, main sponsor of the Rijksmuseum, decided to bring paintings to the public during the 1 year anniversary of the newly renovated museum. From 13 to 19 April 2014 paintings from the famous gallery literally came to life via 86 digital displays that were positioned around 16 metro stations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Passers-by could even put themselves in one of the paintings via a selfie taken from the integrated video-camera, and then share the image via social media.

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The Rijksmuseum has over a million visitors a year and went through renovations in 2013 to modernize the museum using digital media in its interior design. In April 2013 the Rijksmuseum opened its doors again to the public and because of the successful first year with a record amount of visitors, KPN decided to celebrate this happy occasion with a special campaign.

“As a main sponsor we value the beliefs of the Rijksmuseum to make art accessible for everyone, and this was something we really wanted to share with the public via this campaign”, says Aline van Keulen, manager Corporate Branding & Advertising at KPN.  “The placement of the displays with animated paintings in metro stations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam enabled us to create a digital art gallery while reaching a wide audience varying in age, ethnicity and gender.”

For one week the stations were transformed into digital art galleries: The Milkmaid from Vermeer was pouring out the milk and Rembrandts’ The Night Watch came into action for the first time in history. Via the interactive digital displays, viewers could also make a ‘Rijksselfie’ and place themselves as one of the main characters in one of the famous painting of the Rijksmuseum. The results were instantly visible on large format displays and the selfie could then be shared and uploaded via that is connected to Facebook.

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The choice for digital media

A unique campaign that really catches the eye was one of the main reasons for KPN to choose for digital out of home (DOOH) media. The fantastic animated masterpieces from world famous painters really came to life with digital displays to increase the visual impact.

Furthermore it gave KPN the possibility to connect with its viewers via social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter and at the same time increase the brand awareness of KPN being one of the main sponsors of the Rijksmuseum. It provided for an excellent opportunity to connect with a wide audience and offer them something unique. Thanks to the fast implementation and installation of digital media, the choice for digital was easily made.   

Another important aspect of digital signage is that it offers the possibility to analyse campaigns via video-analytics that can track the amount of viewers. Thanks to the addition of interaction via the touchscreens, other aspects such as the amount of Rijksselfies and shares via social media could also be measured, a great benefit for evaluating the campaign.

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The right technology

CS Digital Media developed the concept of the digital out of home campaign for KPN. CS Digital Media is a Dutch company that provides advertisers with a broad portfolio of interactive digital media products and services in digital out of home marketing. The digital art gallery is beautifully designed in terms of technology thanks to CS Digital Media. The systems run on AOPEN Digital Engine DE6100 AMD Quad Core media players.   

Pauline de Waardt, Client Services Manager says: “We have chosen for AOPEN Digital Engine DE6100 players because it provides us with the most stable platform for our interactive applications. We have a very positive experience with AOPEN products and services and the Digital Engine DE6100 simply offers the best computing power and reliability to provide us with a carefree system. The good price quality and the practical small form factor design of the media player enable easy deployment.”

The application is custom built for KPN. CS Digital Media created six different interactive images that needed a powerful computing solution. The system needs to calculate lots in a limited time; the camera recognizes a person, places the image into the picture, it responds to hand gestures which control the application, and connects to the Facebook page of KPN. All of which ran smoothly on the AOPEN Digital Engine.

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Campaign results

CS Digital Media evaluates the results of the campaign based on three aspects: Technical Performance, Achievement and Customer Experience.

Technical Performance
The KPN campaign was very successful. All displays were monitored 24/7 on performance to make sure that any disruptions were captured and fixed within the service level agreement (SLA). During the campaign all incidents were recognized and solved in time with a 100% success rate to ensure full operability. 

The campaign was received as very positive both by the audience as well as the media. This could also be read from the analytics:

Media campaign
13 to 19 April
16 metro stations
86 digital displays
1.354.445 impressions

Interactive campaign
Via six interactive displays the following results were measured:

  • 28.513 people stopped in front of the displays
  • 5.740 #Rijksselfies were made
  • 1.497 #Rijksselfies were uploaded to KPN Facebook and shared via social media within one week (benchmark: a similar campaign has an average of about 1.000 uploads in two weeks according to CS Digital Media)

Web campaign
Online banners (for desktops, laptops, tablets and Smartphones) were deployed during the same campaign period to generate traffic to the Interactive Art Gallery. These banners were placed on sites like and, specifically targeting people that were searching for trip advice from and to Amsterdam and/or Rotterdam. 

In the first week the landing page had over 25.000 unique visitors of which 16.000 direct.

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Customer Experience
“During this campaign we interviewed several passers-by and asked them for their personal experiences with the digital posters,” says Pauline. They were positively surprised by this fun way of presentation. The combination of art and animation was experienced as fascinating and admiring worthy. Check this video for some of the reviews. 

Additionally face to face interviews were held at the Amsterdam Central Station and Rotterdam Central Station. A short questionnaire was given to the target group of 16-65 years old (n=240).


  • 71% of those surveyed spontaneously knew that KPN was the sender of the campaign
  • 11% identified KPN as the main sponsor of the Rijksmuseum (this was 4% before the campaign)
  • The interactive displays which one could make a selfie were graded with a 7,2*
  • The digital art gallery with animated artwork were graded with a 7,8*
  • 92% found the initiative very sympathetic (benchmark = 43%)

*benchmark = 6,5

A successful campaign

The campaign was well perceived by the press and media. Aline van Keulen of KPN also speaks very highly of the results of this campaign and the experiences with CS Digital Media. “We rolled out the campaign extremely fast thanks to the professionalism and technical skills of CS Digital Media. Technology and marketing communication tools were perfectly combined to create a unique and fun experience for our customers; which was exactly the goal that we had in mind.”

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