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From the rough North Sea to an exotic Spanish Aquarium, AOPEN has proven itself very versatile when it comes to digital signage hardware and communications technology solutions all over the world. AOPEN has been involved in exciting and often challenging projects the past few years, which has led to great material on how to enhance the engagement with your audience and increase stability in any situation, commercial or otherwise.

These customer successes are great examples of how AOPEN can improve a variety of environments whether your business operates in healthcare, hospitality, transportation, security or  education; AOPEN solutions will enable you to turn concepts into reality. 

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Serving a digitalized experience without losing the personal touch

Gastronomy’s success story explains how digital signage can elevate the customer experience.

The Lee Fish Group in Sihlbrugg created an environment in which a bistro, a fishmonger, a takeaway and the El Pescador cooking studio & event location run besides each other. Lee Fish was therefore looking for the right solution to communicate to guests about the different aspects of the location, events and workshops. The answer to this request was digital signage. Nowadays a tailored digital signage network entertains, serves and informs guests, all without losing sight of the personal touch and human service.

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Video Analytics, Video Surveillance and Digital Signage: all consolidated into one enclosure

AOPEN and van Domburg created a complete solution for different environments

Heatmapping: one of the big words in retail today. With this in mind AOPEN and Van Domburg created a solution that serves three different purposes: Video Analytics, Video Surveillance and Digital Signage. Check out the video for a full overview of the solution, the devices and the services that AOPEN provided. 

tennis centre horgen 1

Tennis Zentrum Horgen uses AOPEN Chromebox to deliver real-time information

Digital Signage enhanced communication and engagement at a Swiss sports centre

Tennis Zentrum Horgen (TZH - Horgen Tennis Centre) is located at the edge of Lake Zurich in Switzerland. Sport lovers from all over the region visit to work out and socialise. TZH, which stands for excellent service, sports and communication, offers a range of different sports facilities, among which tennis courts, and a shop that sells sports gear. During the year TZH organizes different event such as tennis classes, tournaments and training camps. 

hammerson landing 250x400 2

Saint-Sébastien Shopping Mall

Interactive Wayfinding and Information Solution enhances the shopper experience.

AOPEN’s powerful Digital Engines are used as a backbone for the wayfinding and information solution in the Saint-Sébastien shopping mall. With this solution not only was the shoppers’ experience enhanced, but the length of stay in the mall was extended and information processing was improved.

The wayfinding solution was installed to inform shoppers about events and promotions but mostly it helps them to navigate more easily through the mall. The kiosks ensured information was processed more efficiently, with an enhanced shopping experience and extended visiting times as a result.

casestudy famousfish tc 01

Famous Fish 

Australian seafood favourite Famous Fish by Costi has cast its net over the digital world, transforming its stores with interactive menu boards and express ordering technologies from digital signage leader AOPEN and platinum partner Nuon, that has boosted transaction value by nearly 29%.

Famous Fish, a family-owned retailer of premium-quality seafood, is the first business in the world to adopt end-to-end Google Commercial Chrome technology. The recently released hardware and software platform, developed by Google and AOPEN, is designed specifically for high-use Retail and Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) environments.


Taste Twelve 

The books of the German-based initiative Taste Twelve allows food lovers to explore unique and carefully selected restaurant guides throughout various German cities. The added value of the coupons that are incorporated in the book, is not immediately apparent from the cover of the book.

With the AOPEN In-Store Showcase in combination with the Digital Engine DE35-HD, Taste Twelve was able to show and explain the concept of the book to the customers. With the right content to support the promotion of Taste Twelve, the In-store Showcase really was an eye-catcher in the large department store.

rentokil initial 400x250 2

Rentokil Initial France

Rentokil Initial France chooses digital signage technology for its corporate communication in 29 sites. With the importance of corporate responsibility towards employees and clients alike, Rentokil Initial decided to integrate 40” displays running on AOPEN Digital Engine signage players to send out regular information. The content of the systems is partially managed by national headquarters and partially by the local officers in the factories for local freedom.


KPN Rijksmuseum

KPN, main sponsor of the Rijksmuseum, decided to bring paintings to the public during the 1 year anniversary of the newly renovated museum. From 13 to 19 April 2014 paintings from the famous gallery literally came to life via 86 digital displays that were positioned around 16 metro stations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Passers-by could even put themselves in one of the paintings via a selfie taken from the integrated video-camera, and then share the image via social media.

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FCBotiga Megastore

FCBotiga Megastore creates a unique experience both in terms of innovation and technology, offering its customers a seamless digital experience and the chance to instantly see and buy the finished product.

With the redesign of the shop in December 2013 the store is now much bigger with a lot of nifty technology that integrates perfectly with the stunning interior design elements. A sixteen meter-wide LED screen takes center stage like a football arena with a stadium shaped staircase. 

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Inglot Cosmetics Shop

Eye-catching product presentation in-store. Inglot is known for its wide range of colours and for creating exciting ways for cosmetics to be packaged and applied.

Beautiful presentation is vital for beauty products, which is why Inglot turned to technology, seeking AOPEN’s advice on the latest ways to present products and carry out innovative in-store marketing through digital communications. 

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For corporate communications, CROC, a leading systems integrator in Russia, uses information displays controlled by AOPEN Digital Engine media players.

Twelve screens located in elevator halls on three most crowded floors display important information: company news, upcoming events, staff programs, etc. All this is done to improve staff involvement in corporate projects and communication between departments and to give office visitors an insight into the company's activities. 

palma aquarium2

Palma Aquarium Mallorca

Visiting an aquarium is both fun and educative. Visitors will see all kind of sea animals, and natural human curiosity will make them want to know more about what they see. With display signs limiting the amount of words you can place on a sign, Palma Aquarium Mallorca found the right solution by installing AOPEN all-in-one touch displays. 

Next to a sea of information the environment itself tends to be dimly lit. Therefore the management sought for an ‘out of the box’ digital communications solution to give its customers the maximum information in an easy-to-read format. 

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bmo offshore

BMO Offshore 

AOPEN’s Digital Engine on speedboats endures extreme conditions that would cripple almost any technology.

BMO Offshore is a strongly data-driven organization that provides deep operational information based on the on-board measurement system that it installs on each client’s boats, using the innovative Vessel Black Box solution including the AOPEN Digital Engine computing device. 

bolsa de madrid

Bolsa de Madrid Stock Exchange

Bolsa de Madrid (Madrid Stock Exchange) is the largest of Spain’s four stock exchanges. When it comes to the trading of stocks and bonds, nothing is more important than real-time information.

This flow of information can’t be disrupted; therefore a new and more sophisticated system was built and implemented. 


Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona 

Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) is Catalonia’s main public transport operator in Barcelona, covering the buses and metro network services in the city. With thousands of passengers a day riding the bus and metro networks in Barcelona, TMB provides users with real time public transport information along with general and practical information to enrich the journey. 

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