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Solution Highlight: Video Surveillance, Video Analytics and digital Signage consolidated into one enclosure

Heatmapping: one of the big words in retail today. With this in mind AOPEN and Van Domburg created a solution that serves three different purposes: Video Analytics, Video Surveillance and Digital Signage. Check out the video for a full overview of the solution, the devices and the services that AOPEN provided. 

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Multiple Digital Engines DE7400XE power up this total solution. There is one Digital Engine that serves as the NVR server for the Video surveillance. Combined with a raid bay you will see that the recorded video is saved for possible usage later. One DE7400XE does the numbercrunching for the Video Analytics and three other Digital Engines power up some of the Digital Signage in this showroom. All the Digital Engines are consolidated into one 19" rack: the Engine Core 650. 

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