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The AOPEN Surveillance and Analytics Platform

With new levels of reliability, stability and flexibility the AOPEN surveillance devices are changing the video surveillance sector forever.

The AOPEN hardware platform is specifically designed for intense usage and 24/7 operability. Combining the stable and professional grade hardware with the flexible integration possibilities for a better fit in video surveillance solutions.


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Get shopper insights!

Nowadays it becomes crucial to know your customer and track them through your store. With this possibility you create extremely valuable information that you can use in your advantage.

  • What are the hot and cold zones in your store? 
  • Do you know many people enter your store? 
  • What is your staff doing during the day? 
  • Is your window attractive enough to draw people in? 
  • Is it the desired target group that enters your store? 
  • How much time are shoppers spending in your store?

Manage your commercial environment with this solution and all your questions will be answered! Easy, cost-efficient and created for commercial environments: The AOPEN and Vizualize analytics/surveillance setup.

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Analyze and track an audience with this business intelligence solution

Manage commercial environments by combining the commercial AOPEN hardware with Vizualize shopper insights.

Managing commercial environments becomes more important for brands, retailers and even end customers. They need to rethink how to use shopper insights in order to improve customer engagement. Therefore a new challenge rised for resellers and system integrators: find a flexible, complete and reliable solution. Moreover retailers tend to look for a cost-efficient solution, which can now be provided by AOPEN and Vizualize!

  • Easy installation of hardware that is designed for commercial environments and 24/7 usage
  • Pre-installed appliance server
  • We deliver key shopper insights to allow retailers to make smarter decisions
  • Easy to use Dashboard in the cloud
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Hardware range for Video Surveillance and video Analytics

AOPEN offers a better fit in surveillance solutions by combining easy, flexible, ruggedized and stable hardware. The AOPEN hardware platform offers different devices and solutions which can be set up in various and flexible ways. Pick the right NVR/analytics server from our Digital Engine platform, combine with an All-in-One display from our eTILE range and consolidate all with the Engine Core solutions.

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