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C4-KVM Switch

Switch between up to four computing devices and control multiple systems with a single keyboard, monitor and mouse. This switch also allows you to share other peripherals like mass storage devices.

  • Model name: C4-KVM
  • Can be powered by RDM or adapter
  • Fully compatible with AOPEN Engine Core series
  • Can function as USB HUB
  • LED indicators for active selection
  • LED indicators for online systems
  • Hot key switching ( e.g: ctrl+f2 switches to other system )
  • 4 physical buttons to switch between systems
  • On screen display of status and system selected
  • VGA-In x4 VGA-out x1
  • USB 2.0 x4 USB host x1
rdm 400x400


The RDM is a secure solution that allows redundancy management for multiple computing devices (up to six devices). Ensure that your systems stay up and running, regardless of the failing of single power adapters.

  • Replacement for redundant power supply
  • No expensive power module needed
  • Remote control of fans
  • Remote monitoring of status for alerting system administrator
  • Can also power other devices (AOPEN KVM & fans)
  • Audible alarm if a failure happens
  • LED status indicators
  • Fully compatible with AOPEN Engine Core series
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