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Tennis Zentrum Horgen uses AOPEN Chromebox to deliver real-time information

Digital Signage enhanced communication and engagement at a Swiss sports centre

Tennis Zentrum Horgen (TZH - Horgen Tennis Centre) is located at the edge of Lake Zurich in Switzerland. Sport lovers from all over the region visit to work out and socialise. TZH, which stands for excellent service, sports and communication, offers a range of different sports facilities, among which tennis courts, and a shop that sells sports gear. During the year TZH organizes different event such as tennis classes, tournaments and training camps. 

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The challenge: better engagement 

As members were increasingly embracing technology, such as fitness devices, TZH wanted to find a more compelling way to engage and communicate with clients digitally. However the challenge was a limited budget it was also difficult to manage installed devices on site by the staff since they had limited IT experience. Furthermore, TZH needed a solution that was robust and easy to operate.

The organisation wanted to install digital screens in various locations, but also wanted to be able to centrally manage them. After carefully considering several proposals, TZH engaged AOPEN as a partner because its technology combined industrial strength performance with consumer ease-of use.

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The solution: powerful screen technology 

One of the target destinations for the digital screens was TZH’s "Break-Point" restaurant, which overlooks the tennis courts. Guests often gather here for a rest and to have lunch or coffee. Adjacent to the courts is the TZH retail shop, stocked with rackets, balls, and sports clothing. TZH chose this as an ideal spot for digital signage as customer feedback has shown that guests are more receptive to information or sports gear promotions when they’re taking a break.

AOPEN partners WETA and Littlebit helped install the digital signage solution, powered by AOPEN's Chromebox Commercial. Through close collaboration, they created a simple but powerful system. Content was designed through the Viewneo application. The app was created for the end user to personally managing dynamic content and is easy to deploy and operate.

The heart of the system is the AOPEN Chromebox Commercial, a player designed specifically for digital signage and powered by Google’s Chrome operating system. As Stephen Borg, AOPEN Global CDO notes:

"A big advantage to the AOPEN Chromebox Commercial that it is completely fanless and has a solid state design. This means that the Chromebox is basically maintenance-free when it comes to on-site operations. All information and software maintenance is fairly easy for the Chrome OS, which allows businesses to look after their base line and manage total cost of ownership."

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The outcome: digital signage, a match winner

AOPEN digital signage has greatly enhanced communication and member experience at TZH. The screens provide up-to-date information, ensuring that customers never miss a tournament or a special racket sale. Matches played by Swiss tennis stars such as Roger Federer are also broadcast live on the screens much to the delight of customers. 

If customers want to know who is playing on which of TZH’s courts, or who is at the top of the rankings, they can get all the information on the screens. During events the screens also have a specific role in communication and planning. They serve as a guide for the players to see who is playing, at what time and on which court.

As a result, TZH has increased bookings and is enjoying more success with food and sportswear promotions. 

As TZH says: "The switch from print to digital messages has allowed the centre to reach more members and potential customers than ever before. Information that previously was only available online is now presented to visitors on site. The benefits are reflected in the numbers: the number of new reservations has increased significantly since the installation of the signs."

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