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A world first, ultra slim, all-in-one multi-purpose commercial tile PC built for retail environments

The AOPEN eTILE is an ultra-thin, ultra-powerful and multi-purpose, multi-touch PC tile, based on Intel® Core™ Processor technology and built to perform in the most demanding commercial environments.

The eTILE is highly robust with built-in cable management so that no ports are visible to the customer, making the device perfect for intensive use in any retail environment. It’s also dust resistant and waterproof, and has  a subtle and sophisticated design to engage and inform your customers. It’s the kind of device that customers will want to play with, and one that retailers can have the confidence in letting them touch.

Its key benefits include:

  • Ease of installation: The eTILE doesn't need an enclosure or kiosk, and can be simply mounted on the wall
  • Low maintenance: The eTILE is easy and affordable to run, as well as very power efficient
  • Security: The eTILE is highly robust and all-contained with ports not visible to the customer, and the front is dust and splash proof
  • Aesthetics: With its ultra slim form factor and super bright display, the eTILE is a beautiful, high tech device that enhances its environment
  • Power: Running on Intel® Core™ Processor technology, the eTILE can power full-sized HD video walls
  • Rich Analytics: Intel® Active Management Technology* (Intel® AMT), a feature of the Intel Core vPro processor-based platform, allows businesses in a range of industries to achieve power savings, remote management and inventory control. 
Retailers with point-of-sale machines, digital signs or other intelligent devices can remotely diagnose and quickly fix problems over their network so customer transactions are not interrupted and sales are not lost.
  • Several leading international retailers are already trialing the eTILE, including major UK and US department stores, as well as leading Australian retailers, supermarkets and restaurants.

The most important aspect of AOPEN eTILE is that it has been designed to function in different environments. The high-performance Intel platform means it can power both in-store Point of Sale (POS) and kiosk environments concurrently, and run a full sized video wall while being used independently. It also features a powered USB, allowing peripherals such as scanners and credit card readers to be run without additional plugs and cables.

The eTILE is available in 15”, 19”  and  22”. 

etile 15m fb c


the eTILE 15M-FB is a fanless design of 15.6inch all-in-one touch commercial device. As a commercial advertising self-Kiosk design with table mounting applications, eTILE 15M RJ50x4 works an interface with commercial automation peripherals.

The eTILE 15M-FB includes the following features:

  • AOPEN Silentek design, slim design for stylish applications, multiable touch, with IP robust design
  • USB and RJ50 connection with variety of commercial peripherals
  • The superior wide viewing angle performance of an AHVA touch display
  • Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT
etile 19m fi c


The eTILE 19M-FI is an ultra-thin and exceptionally powerful 19” multi-touch PC tile. Designed for commercial retail use, it also has a keen sense of style and aesthetic detail with a slick Piano Black construction that will enhance any shopper’s user experience. It’s the kind of device that will markedly improve the engagement between the customer and your brand as a result. 

+ Easy installation: no need for an enclosure or kiosk, the eTILE can simply be mounted on the wall
+ Low operating and installation cost
+ Robust PCT panel: dust and water proof (IP65)
+ Aesthetics: ultra slim form factor (30mm)
+ Power: running on the powerful Intel® QM77 chipset
+ True flat surface: easy to clean


etile 19m fb c


The eTILE 19MFB is a fanless 18.5” all-in-one touch display. This multi-touch pc is developed for the POS market. The esthetically pleasing design works in every retail environment. Combining this with the practicality of the USB with power for auxiliary devices makes this eTILE a perfect retail solution.  

+ A fanless, silent all-in-one interactive display
+ USB with power for auxiliary devices such as scanners and printers 
+ Modular RJ50 connector RS232 connection (voltage configurable)

+ Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT

wt19 ff klein

eTILE 19M Value SoC

The eTILE 19M Value SoC is an ultra-thin Android based SoC (System on Chip) multi-touch PC tile. This all-in-one touch display is highly efficient making it a good investment in any environment.

+ Possibility for customized BSP (Board Specific Package)
+ Special features for signage market such as a hidden nagivation bar and APAR (Automatic Power on After AC) 
+ Low Power consumption due to ARM based SoC platform.


etile 19 mid 400x250

eTILE 19M Mid

The eTILE 19M Mid is a 18.5" multi-touch PC tile, running on the cost-effective Intel® HM76 chipset. This eTILE is developed with the commercial retail and kiosk market in mind. This device gives you the the chance to target your audience and enhance the relationship between customer and brand.

+ Low operating and installation costs
+ Robust construction for 24/7 operability
+ Environmentally friendly due to low energy consumption

etile 19m openframe 400x250 small2

eTILE 19M OpenFrame

The eTILE 19M OpenFrame is an 18.5" all-in-one touch display without back cover. With its thin form factor this display can be integrated in existing and new kiosk designs. The touch display front panel is water- and dustproof making it a solid solution for intensive use in various challenging commercial environments.

+ Cost-effective solution for the interactive kiosk market
+ Watchdog timer included
+ Environmentally friendly 

webetile 22m web


The eTILE 22M is an ultra-thin commercial interactive all-in-one touch panel. Based on 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ technology, this powerful dynamic PC tile will enhance the interactive experience. Furthermore it incorporates a high quality 16:9 Full HD 21,5” LCD screen with a lockable screen keypad to minimize user tampering.

+ Ultra slim form factor (33mm)
+ Wide viewing angle VA panel
+ Low operating and installation costs
+ Robust PCT panel: dust and water proof (IP65)
+ Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT


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