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AOPEN Computing Platform

AOPEN Mini PC and Digital Engine series consists of a range of computing devices that provide an outstanding platform in applied computing. 

The AOPEN Digital Engine series are classified from value, mid to high end. This selection is based on CPU power, graphic performance, active/passive cooling and price.


  • Low power consumption
  • Guarantees 24/7 operability
  • A unique small form factor
  • Passed shock and vibration tests 

The small form factor makes it ideal to integrate in a kiosk or POS system or simply mount it behind the display. All systems have passed shock and vibration tests to ensure performance in rigirous environments. Some of our devices are fanless, making them ideal for tough environments or for installation in moving vehicles.

All devices are built with excellence in mind, from a basic bare system to a state-of-the-art solution.

dev7610 x6 black fronttop 400


Powerful and Breathtaking Large Splicing Wall Solution

The DEV7610-X6 takes compu ting power to a whole new level! It has the computing power to support high-end multi-screen Splicing Wall Solution.It is designed with a PCI Express Card slot for endless transportation and surveillance applications. DEV7610-X6 came to reshape Digital Signage and Video Wall Solution.



Flexible and Secure with Intel XEON CPU

The DE7400XE houses an Intel Xeon E3v5 CPU, handles 3 independent UHD screens, has full HEVC (H265) hw Acceleration and can drive 4 external Sata harddisks; all at once. High end Signage, surveillance, analytics, virtualization, SQL server or a combination of either is no problem for this Skylake based system.It is in fact the worlds smallest independent XEON systemto date!



Speed and possibilities

The DE7400 is an innovative X86 based powerhouse with new levels of graphics, speed and possibilities. The small size of the DE7400 combined with the Skylake based interior makes it one of the most powerful and fl exible system available to date . With the Intel® Skylake CPU, two HDMI ports and one Mini DP it is possible to drive three UHD screens (4K) at the same time. Therefore this DE7400 fears no challenge in serving as a media player for extreme Digital Signage, Surveillance client or any other situation.

de6340 fronttop 400


Redefining UHD Menu Boards and Video Walls

Compact and powerful device, the DE6340 is designed to power visually stunning multi-screen UHD video walls, for up to four full HD screens. Weather powering a 2 x 2 or a 4 x1 video wall, or powering several screens in different locations, the DE6340 is ultra reliable, highly secure, and ideal for retail stores, hotels, airports, and financial institutions.

de6200 fronttop 400


Cost-Effective power for UHD Video Walls

AOPEN DE6200 is an entry-level commercial-grade 4K Digital Engine. It supports up to 3 displays, or one 4K display. Designed to resist dust and grease, the DE6200 is ideal for stores and QSR applications, including menu boards, digital ads, and order-processing displays.

mep320 400x250


Industrial-strength reliable, Android signage player

The MEP320 is an Android based media player. With its thin form factor this SoC (system on chip) solution can be easily integrated into any scenario. Furthermore this media player is able to handle environments up to 50 degrees and has a lifespan of two years. This versatile device is ideal for the digital signage market or other verticals.

mep110 front klein 640x640


The impressive fanless Android signage player

The Android based AOPEN MEP110 is powered by the Cortex Quad-Core 2 GHz. This powerful signage player is especially designed for the signage market and supports Ultra HD resolution (4K) video playback. 


webde3450 fronttop 400x400


Easy Management & Monitoring

the Digital Engine® DE3450, the Edge Controle option complements the ultra-slim cost-effective commercial media player with industrial grade power that is easy to manage and deploy.

webde3450 fronttop 400x400


The DE3450S is the AOPEN design collection with eye-catching, charming appearance for 4K media player. Impressive 4K content playback capability via HMDI2.0 port. Robust and reliable system design to fit in tough environment.  

chromebox commercial 400x250 1

Chromebox Commercial

Commercial Grade Chrome OS Device

The first commercial grade Chrome OS device, designed for the signage, POS and kiosk markets, allows fast and secure delivery of apps. The AOPEN Chromebox Commercial is a highly reliable and powerful device that operates 24/7 under tough conditions. It sets itself apart from any Chromebox, being a commercial grade device, allowing speedy and secure signage from the cloud using Google Chrome OS.

chromebox mini web main

Chromebox Mini

An Enterprise Ready Solution Running on Chrome

Small, but powerful: the smallest enterprise-ready Chromebox today, designed for the signage, POS, corporate and kiosk markets. Empower customers with ease of experience and greater control of in-store engagement.

de3250 400x250


Rugged, Powerful & Affordable

A robust media player designed to cope with rugged, tough environments or moving vehicles. Its ultra-thin structure allows you to integrate the Digital Engine DE3250 seamlessly into any space. The solid-state disk and fanless design of the DE3250 ensures a first rate performance in any challenging situation.

wb5200 400x


Powerful Cost-Effective
OPS Media Player

The WB5200 is a powerful OPS (Open Pluggable
Specifi cation) Digital Signage Player that supports Ultra
HD (4K) resolution. The specially engineered chassis
was designed for optimal thermal dispersion, and can be
utilized as a stand-alone device extending its fl exibility and
cost effectiveness.



Striking Visuals & Increased Productivity

Accelerated performance for your most demanding tasks. The DE7200 allows you to run the most advanced software seamlessly and helps you create an immersive digital experience with powerful built-in visual enhancements. Integrating the latest Intel® technology, the DE7200 raises the bar on computing.

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