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AOPEN nTAKE Simplifies Digital Menu Board Deployments

AOPEN announces nTAKE, a complete digital menu board solution with the ability to connect up to four HD displays on one media player and a variety of features to strategically increase sales. Use digital media elements to upsell high margin product items on the menu and control content from a single location on demand. 

Business owners are always looking for a way to cut costs and streamline tedious procedures. When factoring recurring expenses associated with printing, delivering, installing and disposing of static menu boards a digital menu board becomes a more cost effective option in saving money and time. With this digital Menu Board solution, the cost associated with static light signs are virtually eliminated.

Gone are the days of purchasing separate components, challenging IT and complex instructions to get your digital menu boards up and running. The nTAKE simplifies the deployment of digital menu boards for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), grocery stores and delis.

The nTAKE comes with a powerful content management system allowing owners to engage with customers while providing the best return on investment. Synchronize and update menu items and price changes across multiple locations, the nTAKE optional online versions provide easy updates from one centralized location to ensure brand consistency and content management.

The nTAKE gives owners and managers that marketing edge for promoting the right products at the right time. By keeping track of what sells best by connecting to your POS system, QSRs and Delis with digital menu boards have the freedom to adjust the content quickly. 

Whether it is a simple local display solution or a global menu board installment with centralized control, the nTAKE offers an easy plug and play solution. With pre-installed software on the ruggedized AOPEN Digital Engine media players, you have got a stable, reliable and eye-catching digital menu board.

The AOPEN nTAKE Value and nTAKE Pro are now available in Europe and the US. Request a quote and find out more. 

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nTAKE Value

This digital menu board solution is a smart way to influence the buying behaviour of your audience. Enhance menu items with appealing images or video and upgrade the interior design of your restaurant or deli at the same time.  The nTAKE Value allows you to control your in-store communications and focus on promoting specific products.

The nTAKE Value Menu Board solution allows you to:

+ Drive up to two menu boards either in landscape or portrait
+ Support major media formats including flash, videos and images
+ Use prebuilt templates or create your own layout and design
+ Remotely manage up to 30 media players within the same network 



For a more heavy duty solution the nTAKE Pro is there to provide the support that a restaurant or deli owner needs.  With the possibility to add more screens to the pallet than the nTAKE Value, the nTAKE Pro takes your in-store communication to another level.

The nTAKE Pro Menu Board solution allows you to:

+ Support up to 4 screens, either portrait or landscape
+ Support major media formats including flash, videos and images
+ Easy to start with prebuilt templates, with the added freedom to create and design your own layout as well
+ Remotely manage up to 30 media players within the same network

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