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Out-of-the-box signage on demand

AOPEN has designed a range of poducts to meet the need for an out-of-the-box digital signage solution, including hardware, software and content templates. With the OS and software already installed, the set-up is quick and easy. With the versatile plug & play solutions any retailer can easily find the right match for any challenge. 

Customers increasingly expect to be engaged and entertained while they shop. Therefore AOPEN has ready-made signage solutions for in-store to enhance the shopping experience and support retailers. Another ground breaking solution is the signage and surveillance system, which integrates security and digital signage in one system. All solutions are certified and tested by our skilled engineering team.

Please contact your local AOPEN representative if you have any questions regarding our plug & play solutions. 

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Interactive content delivered to touch screens in-store

OpenSign is an interactive digital marketing and signage platform for retailers to tackle the challenges and costs of operating and maintaining a digital signage network. Extend your mobile conversations to in-store by unifying the web, mobile assets, and the retail floor to create new highly targeted experiences for shoppers.

The package includes:

  • An OpenSign touch display or Media Player
  • Custom Android OS
  • OpenSign Screener: for managing your content on different screens from any location
  • Support for a web based CMS to connect to Screener via an API or OpenSign Publisher: a web based CMS which allows editing and publishing from a central interface
  • Feature-rich ready-to-go themes and templates for easy creation of your content are included in the OpenSign Publisher package
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Scalable Video Wall Solution

Whether you need a traditional 4x4 video wall or something asymmetric the nVIEW Pro is a scalable solution with easy drag and drop content CMS. This powerful solution gives you true 1:1 pixel mapping allowing full 1080p resolution on each display. With its flexible display orientation capabilities, your videos will be the center of attention.

+ Flexible non-traditional configurations
+ Drag and drop snap to display CMS
+ True HD 1080p, 1:1 pixel mapping
+ Supports 4K content


In-Store Showcase
Transparent display, media player and software 

Present a product via a transparent display where the product can be placed inside the box. Thanks to the transparency of the display; video, images and other animated graphics can be displayed in front of the product. The eye-catching display will attract customers towards your product while providing them with information.

The package includes:

  • A 32 inch transparent display with box that provides light and the right background for product placement
  • AOPEN Digital Engine media player DE35-HD (mini PC)
  • Windows 7 Embedded
  • Software Suite SolutiON for simple digital signage
  • 30+ professional templates
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In-store Multitouch Presenter
Interactive touch display with software

Engage customers through interactive technology. Inform and entertain your customers through a stand-alone touch display with software suite. 

The package includes:

  • An all-in-one touch display in either 15, 19 or 22 inch from AOPEN eTILE and/or WarmTouch series
  • Windows 7 Embedded 
  • Multitouch Software Suite with 2 professional templates and 22 professional applications

In-Store Multitouch Presenter 19"
In-Store Multitouch Presenter 22"

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Powerful, ready-to-use videowall solutions 

Offering a multi-display production and presentation system ideal for the entertainment industry or visitor attraction displays. Unlike normal videowall solutions, the Datawall system can also be used for architectural projection and creative display setups. Additionally it can be integrated with existing staging equipment such as DMX lighting and MIDI.

There are four packages available. Read more via below link. 

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nTAKE Value Menuboard Solution
Mini PC with software suite to manage signage content 

This digital menu board solution is a smart way to influence the buying behaviour of your audience. Enhance menu items with appealing images or video and upgrade the interior design of your restaurant or deli at the same time. The nTAKE Value allows you to control your in-store communications and focus on promoting specific products.

The package includes:

  • AOPEN Digital Engine media player DE35-HD (mini PC)
  • Windows Embedded 7
  • nTAKE signage software suite
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nTAKE Pro Menuboard Solution
Mini PC that supports 4 screens with signage software suite 

For a more heavy duty solution the nTAKE Pro is there to provide the support that a restaurant or deli owner needs.  With the possibility to add more screens to the pallet than the nTAKE Value, the nTAKE Pro takes your in-store communication to another level.

The package includes:

  • AOPEN Digital Engine media player DE6140 (mini PC)
  • Windows Embedded 7
  • nTAKE signage software suite
express cast sde53

Express Cast SDE53
Android media player with web based CMS 

An entry level media player that leverages the power of Android architecture. This device comes including web based CMS for simple and quick installment to deliver rich, enganging multimedia solutions. 

The package includes:

  • AOPEN SDE53 media player
  • Android 2.3
  • Express Cast web based content management system (CMS)
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DS2 Security Solution
Digital Engine plus security camera and surveillance software suite 

Add digital signage to the traditional security/surveillance system. Make use of the available video feed provided by your digital surveillance solution and deliver more targeted messaging to your audience. Manage both video surveillance and digital communication with a single system in order to enrich the shopping experience and to optimise the security.  

The package includes:

  • AOPEN Digital Engine DE67-HAI media player
  • Windows 7 Embedded 
  • NVR Software Axis Camera Companion Software suite to record and monitor up to 6 cameras
  • Signage Software Suite: DISE One
  • 2x IP Camera M1013: a compact networked video camera for indoor use
show window

Smart Retail Show Window

Interactive Digital Window

The Smart Retail Show Window is about attracting and expressing brand and value to customers. By actively engaging with the customer, the likelyhood of purchase increases dramatically. The screens communicate with each other, showing additional images when customers browse the interactive catalog.

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Turnkey Corporate Communication Solution

nCORP Local is the ideal solution for small businesses to help keep employees informed of corporate messaging, news, events, boost morale and increase engagement. The nCORP Local solution includes media player, LCD display, mount, and CMS software to help you schedule your messages throughout the day with images, videos, RSS feeds, countdown timers, live weather, and more.

+ Includes predesigned corporate communication templates
+ Includes 46” display, mount, cables, and CMS software
+ Broadcast messaging across your office LAN

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