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From the rough North Sea to an exotic Spanish Aquarium, AOPEN has proven itself very versatile when it comes to digital signage hardware and communications technology solutions all over the world. AOPEN has been involved in exciting and often challenging projects the past few years, which has led to great material on how to enhance the engagement with your audience and increase stability in any situation, commercial or otherwise.

These customer successes are great examples of how AOPEN can improve a variety of environments whether your business operates in healthcare, hospitality, transportation, security or  education; AOPEN solutions will enable you to turn concepts into reality. 

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Taiwan Star Telecom Deploys AOPEN Digital Signage Solution

Taiwan Star Telecom Corporation Limited (T Star) installs AOPEN Digital Signage Solution. T Star was founded in 2013 and became a 900MHz 4G telecommunication service provider on June 4, 2014. Its recent merger with Vibo Telecom expanded Taiwan Star’s services to include 3G broadband throughout Taiwan.

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Best Buy Theatre New York

Walking into the lobby, patrons are greeted by a large 6 by 3 video wall. The wall is 20 ft. across and displays High Definition content powered by an AOPEN DE67. This wall provides a wow factor that captivates users and draws them in, to look at the powerful HD content on the screen.

The downstairs Best Buy lounge area features five interactive touch screen displays. Each display is powered by an AOPEN DE7000 and offers users a unique experience in advertising. 

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