AOPEN Chromebox Commercial won the rAVe best new media player award in DSE 2015

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AOPEN joined the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2015 and announced three commercial-grade digital signage devices based on Google’s Chrome OS platform including the Chromebox Commercial and Chromebase Commercial. And the Chromebox Commercial was won the “Best New Media Player Award” by rAVe Publications.

AOPEN Chromebox Commercial is designed to be extra rugged, and come with data and device security for in-store customer engagement. The commercial Chrome devices are also solid-state and have powered ports which support industry vertical applications. With these features, rAVe Publications gave AOPEN Chromebox Commercial the “Best New Media Player Award” right after DSE 2015, and please refer the link below:

Three AOPEN devices for commercial signage are slated to be released during Q2 this year: the Chromebox Commercial, the Chromebase Commercial 19-inch and the Chromebase Commercial 22-inch. All three devices will be sold with one year of Chrome management, making them extremely easy to deploy, use and manage in distributed environments.

AOPEN specialises in small form factor computing and touch display technology for digital signage, kiosks and POS. As a leading manufacturer of digital signage hardware solutions worldwide, AOPEN continues to expand its products and services in other vertical markets such as retail, transportation, automation, hospitality and medical. AOPEN offers a durable product platform for reliable, green and powerful computing, offering AV and electronic system integrators a solid solution for any scenario.

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