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Wendy's Restaurants in Moscow value Power and Reliability

”Wendy’s core value - “Quality is our Recipe” is a timeless guideline for Wendy’s employees and franchises. It is also the guideline for choosing the right in-store design and solutions.” - Tatyana Meksicheva, Marketing Director at Wenrus Restaurant Group (Wendy's)

Wendy’s is an international fast food chain restaurant with over 6,600 restaurants worldwide, with its main establishments across the US. Wendy's menu consists primarily of hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, French fries and beverages. Burgers are made to order, from high-quality ingredients. 

On 23 June, 2011, Wendy’s celebrated the opening of its flagship restaurant located in Moscow’s historic Arbat District. In 2011 a total of 6 restaurants will be opened in Moscow, 16 more will follow by the end of 2012. Wenrus Restaurant Group, a Wendy’s franchisee, plans to develop 180 restaurants in the country over the next 10 years.

Wendy's has nog chosen to implement digital menuboards throughout their chain. 

Key Benefits

  • A reliable solution with a proven track record
  • Easy control and content management for all restaurants
  • Attractive design to promote the brand identity

wendy s inside

The Challenge

The company was willing to use innovative technologies managing contents on digital menu screens. They needed a system that would allow them to display information at the right place and the right time, controlled from a single point of contact in order to have overall and easy control to manage the content on the displays, with the possibility to run different content per display. According to Tatyana Meksicheva, Marketing Director at Wenrus Restaurant Group,  “We believe we should create friendly and attractive environments for our customers. Quality and innovation are the key elements for us to maintain the Wendy’s brand identity and serve our customers in a better way.”

The Solution

Each Wendy’s restaurant has five to six LG4225CCBA 42” displays and three AOPEN Digital Engine DE7000 media players including Dismart’s own software and content management system showing Wendy’s custom-made menu for every region, special offers of the day and promotional movies. Dismart has chosen the hardware that offered the best quality and functionality, keeping in mind the wishes of the customer. Wendy’s needed a system that could be managed from a single location to control all the content in the different restaurants across Russia. “Reliability and durability of the hardware played a key role in the decision making process, therefore Dismart chose to use only the best for 24/7 continious operation”, according to Denis Savelyev, Director at Dismart.

The AOPEN Digital Engine DE7000 is a reliable and powerful media player, designed for 24/7 operation time. The restaurant space is used effectively, therefore there is only limited space for the total solution. The Digital Engine has a standard unique Small Form Factor and can be hidden behind the display using no extra space between the wall and display. The Digital Engine is unique for its total package: small in size, extremely powerful and 24/7 reliability. Because of the semi-industrial design it is perfect for integration in different environments, like at Wendy’s in the kitchen for instance.

The content is made for easy on-demand access and control. Wendy’s can change the menu depending on the season of the year or even depending on the time of the day. They control prices, advertisements and products that are displayed from a single location and can easily update all the information at the establishments across Russia simultaneously or per restaurant.

Choosing the Right Partner - Dismart

The Dismart Company, founded in 2004, specializes in delivering digital signage solutions to companies and public institutions. Using the very latest achievements in display and networking technology, Dismart offers full service to clients. We work out and install the software, provide technical support, train personnel to work with software more efficiently to get the most investment return, and design and install the content. Dismart cooperates with various software and hardware manufacturers in the field of digital display to ensure we deliver the best fit for our clients.

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