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Digital signage in hospitality

The hospitality sector thrives on reputation and reviews; therefore it is important to exceed the expectations of your guests. From hotels to restaurants, casinos and conference halls, communication is fundamental to help serve the guests. With consumers that are constantly online, there is a huge opportunity for hospitality to engage via those online platforms.

Online check-in at a hotel, a digital menu board that switches automatically from breakfast, lunch to dinner or even ordering kiosks are a few examples of making the life of your guests easier and the experience richer. Level up your service by implementing a well-thought-out digital signage strategy.

Digital signage can support this sector by informing and entertaining visitors en masse. Furthermore an apprehensive strategy can even enhance internal communications in a larger company thus ensuring brand consistency.

Digital signage can add value to your hospitality environment in various ways:

  • Direct your guests to the right location, whether it is a conference hall, meeting room, hotel room or the swimming pool.
  • Use digital signage to inform your guests, think of providing tourist information, the ability to book tickets for shows or restaurants or even to check the local weather or transportation time tables.
  • Use digital menu boards to automatically update your menu from lunch to dinner, or run special daily promotions. Show video or animated text to attract the attention to certain items that bring higher margin.
  • Hook in your back end system and show customers how many rooms are left for a certain price.
  • Online check-in terminals can help speed up the process.
  • Excite and entertain visitors in the casino by keeping them updated with the latest scores and winning chances. Or use touchscreens as slot machines or other gaming devices.
  • Exclusive loyalty programs in lobby areas can help gain customer data and stimulate your guests to take action. Hook in social media for instance to get positive reviews. 
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Wendy's Quick Service Restaurant 

Wendy’s is an international fast food chain restaurant with over 6,600 restaurants worldwide, with its main establishments across the US. In 2011 Wendy’s celebrated the opening of its flagship restaurant located in Moscow’s historic Arbat District. To enhance and coordinate their promotions, Wendy’s decided to implement digital menu boards throughout their chain with the help of AOPEN.

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Lindner Hotels & Resorts

Displays are surrounding the lobby, the lift and the lounge areas of Linder Hotels & Resorts. The screens are used to promote hotel activities, restaurant menus and other hotel information. With this signage system they increase guest satisfaction levels as information is available on demand. 

movie theatre

Formula Kino cinema snackbar

Digital menu boards in cinema, providing animated product information and promotions to upsell items. Especially in a movie theatre, video enhancement and special effects are well appreciated by the audience. 


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Digital Signage Application in a Chain Store Restaurant

Chain store restaurants put a great deal more emphasis on “speed”, regardless of whether it is the ordering process or the preparation in the kitchen. In South Africa, chain store restaurant Fast Food is opening new stores to welcome the crowds of gourmands but found that customers have no patience waiting for meals in their busy lives. Fast Food intends to simplify the ordering process to improve their customer’s satisfaction.

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