InfoComm MEA 2017

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During the past, we told you lots of stories about how AOPEN products apply in different application and scenario. This time, we set the topic back to “why people choose AOPEN product” and “how AOPEN technical force help customer in practical”. We believe quality is everything and always to meet our mission—Bright Ideas Connected!

In InfoComm MEA, you will see the latest AOPEN IoT solution including:

  • Broadcasting Technology Solution
  • Best QSR Application Solution
  • Smart AED with its People Counting Analytics
  • Smart Shopping Solution -- Cosmetics Promoter
  • Dazzling Video Wall

1. Broadcasting Technology Solution

We know sometimes you want to broadcast the same content in different displays simultaneously but don’t know how to do it. For you, we start to study this matter and find the best answer. In this solution, we use the connection advantage of coaxial to let one player can tandem with many screens in the same time. The wireless deployment mechanism allows you move the space and location of the displayed TV at any time and is no longer limited to the site of the physical network. Besides, via the center management, you can also enjoy its convenience and simplicity when you need to update and expose thousands of marketing content.


2. Best QSR Application Solution

*Prevent-black screen with email remind alarm

For the marketer, especially in QSR filed, it is so embarrassing when having black screen. So AOPEN develops the content and system backup solution, once one storage device is broken, the another one will take over the system operation automatically in few seconds and have email notification information section to the staff. Via this, the operator can know the situation in time and to arrange the follow-up process immediately.

*Set up daily power on/off schedule via super RTC

This Super Real Time Clock function is so good for employee. But why? As for them, they don’t need to do this work by themselves every day and also sometimes will forget to do it. Besides, super RTC can set up power on/off based on different dates different time to fulfill the store’s opening hours in each day.

In order to easily manage, it also comes with an optional IR remote control solution to get into BIOS to get the best support.


3. Smart AED with its People Counting Analytics

You must know what the AED is, but you must not know that AED is no longer just the function of AED itself with the progress of science and technology! AOPEN, the solution/service provider, accumulated years of professional skills and experience in the application market. We integrate the AED equipment with digital engines and microcontrollers to provide a variety of detection capabilities successfully.

For example, when an emergency occurs, the AED equipment door is opened, and the warning light and the alarm sound call the surrounding masses to pay attention to the situation, help to call an ambulance or other auxiliary work. In the meantime, the main rescue staff can follow the AED teaching video guidelines to get correct and effective rescue measures through the AED equipment’s screen. Then, if the rescue device is not returned over time, it will also be issued warning reminder by AED equipment so that to keep this device on duty at any time.


4. Smart Shopping Solution -- Cosmetics Promoter

You want to increase sales, and then you need to know customer behavior first. As you know, more and more people enjoy shopping alone and do not want to be disturbed or sometimes they found the clerks busy and did not have time to meet them. Therefore, we have this smart shopping solution which can broadcast pre-defined advertising when the product in front of screen is lifted up or trigger by customer’s facial features. This solution help shopper:

  • To know how often and for how long a piece of media was shown.
  • To know how many times a product was picked thoughout the day.
  • Ads could be anything such as price, brand story, brand image, hot selling items, dynamic advertising and seasonal promotion.

5. Dazzling Video Wall

The compact design Video Wall Player is an All-in-one hardware platform to support 3x2/1x6 video wall. In 6 screens Full HD video wall, instead of image scaling, it provides physical pixel in each video wall LCD to reach gorgeous display quality. The most important feature is its high resolution up to 3840x3240 with integrated 6 Full HD screens. This eye-catching video wall can attract more shoppers to increase sales revenue and raise brand awareness.

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