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bolsa de madrid

Real Time Informative Signage on the Trade Floor

"This was one of the most demanding and innovative projects in the advanced digital signage landscape" according to Display Evolution Klocktornet

Bolsa de Madrid (Madrid Stock Exchange) is the largest of Spain’s four stock exchanges, it operates internationally and is at the heart of all organizational aspects. Bolsa de Madrid is owned by Bolsas y Mercados Españoles hence the abbreviation BME. The BME Group is formed by the Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia stock exchanges, MF Mercados Financieros and Iberclear. The stock exchange floor is housed in an impressive building constructed in the late 1800’s.

When it comes to the trading of stocks and bonds, nothing is more important than real-time information. This flow of information can’t be disrupted, because that could cost people large sums of money, therefore a new and more sophisticated system was built and implemented. The newly implemented digital signage concept meets the high demand for up to date information on the trading floor, offering different types of content regarding the condition of distinctive markets at any given moment in time.

Key Benefits

  • Real time content updates
  • Reliable and powerful
  • Complete control from one single point 
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The Implementation

It was time for a change, so BME decided to upgrade their IT information system to cater to the traders needs and hired Telefónica as project owner. At the most prominent and central position is a central LED screen, displaying all crucial information for the traders. The entire perimeter arc of the trade floor has been fitted with Mitsubishi MDT521S 52 inch displays which are powered by the reliable AOPEN Digital Engine DE7000 media players and DISE software for content management.

The advanced ”No Border system” provided by DISE software and the powerful AOPEN Digital Engine make it possible to run an entire system consisting of multiple displays from one single point. Even on a set of displays with different and very specific resolutions to ensure complete integration. The system allows seamless integration of content predefined by the user with different signals of Television (DTT) using capture systems of television signals and the built-in DTV tuner.

This makes it possible to control and integrate the programming of TV channels and programs to show at any given time. Thanks to the small size of the Digital Engine media player, the media player is hidden from visibility. The possibilities this system offers on a creative and technical level are spectacular and can allow BME to generate information and graphical elements that transition across all 30 displays that comprise the perimeter of the trade floor, whilst not deterring from the beauty of the impressive historical building.


The major benefits for BME are that the system allows content to be updated in real time. It is possible to update all data presented in the entire system in less than 10 seconds. Thanks to the market information systems managed by Infobolsa (BME Group); the system is continuously updated, even between data transitions across different display areas. The system contains a new module that allows a ticker with all relevant market information, based on the opening and closing of markets, to run across all 30 screens. The synchronized system makes it possible for the values in the ticker to change in real-time while passing through the screens. The complete solution including displays, media players and software look professional and tidy. And most importantly the system is reliable, which is key for a Stock Exchange trade floor.

The Concept

The concept is based on a single control station, to manage and control all hardware associated with the system. The control station sends a feed to the 31 players that are all connected by a network. This station can also be used for content creation. One of the most interesting applications of the system is the ability to launch content or even entire channels by the click of a mouse.

The implementation of the project was led by Euroservicios a system integrator specialized in IT audiovisual digital signage software and hardware. They picked the AOPEN Digital Engine and DISE software as the hardware and software combination of choice because of its great compatability and previous success cases. Euroservicios is a valuable AOPEN partner with its primary business in Spain.

Choosing the Right Partner - Euroservicios

Euroservicios BS SL founded in 1996 has more than 15 years experience in the IT and multimedia market. Based in Madrid, Spain, Euroservicios is a reference company in its activity, participating in some of the most relevant projects of the IT and Audiovisual Spanish panorama, as self-developers and international brand representatives. Euroservicios is specialized in large and complex projects for either private companies or public institutions and has the talent to optimize and consolidate for a long term relationship with its customers.

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