3D Wayfinding brings engaging experience in shopping environment

March 10, 2015 - SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Shoppers today have a higher sense of urgency to quickly locate their intended retail items or stores to make their purchase quickly and then move on. Their shopping experience needs to be facilitated by new and engaging approaches to keep them coming back for more. A modern, state-of-the-art and effective digital signage & way finding solution is necessary to drive more sales and increase the customer service.

Started in 2007, 22MILES Inc. (22MILES, DSE Booth#222), keeps evolving its digital signage solutions every month with a seamless omni-channel experience that covers digital signage, touchscreen kiosk system, digital way finding, video wall and mobile signage. These platforms allow marketing teams to update all types of digital signage devices to visually stimulate shoppers to stay and explore new products in different stores or regions.

During DSE2015, the new 22MILES Publisher Pro 2015 will be released with an engaging 3D wayfinding feature and more 3rd party options, as well as a more advanced scheduling system for screen zones and kiosks. Such flexible and powerful digital signage platform usually requires a reliable hardware support at the backend. With the AOPEN (DSE Booth# 2345) DE7200 player, 22MILES’ 3D wayfinding content can be displayed and played smoothly on 4K large-format displays. While the AOPEN DE6400 media player provides a convenient way to quickly set up a 4xHDMI output video wall.

In addition to the media players that support 22MILES’ wayfinding solution, AOPEN is offering two all-in-one multi-touch screen solutions designed for high traffic applications, the eTILE 19M (18,5”) and the eTILE 22M (21.5”).  The eTILE is highly robust with built-in cable management so that no ports are visible to the customer, making the device totally secure and tamper proof. It is also dustproof and water resistant and has a keen experience. It’s the kind of device that customers will want to play with an one that retailers can have the confidence in letting them touch. 

About 22 Miles, Inc. (Booth #222):

22MILES has been a global supplier of leading digital signage solutions since 2007. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, 22MILES commits to continuous innovation. Our award-winning and patented digital technology enables end users with powerful next-gen features and engaging user experience, that allow any novice users to create, update, and design like the pros. 22MILES is an AOPEN USA and AOPEN Europe partner.

About AOPEN, Inc. (Booth #2345):

Established in 1996, AOPEN, Inc. a pioneer in the ultra-small form-factor (uSFF) industry, and cross-platform solutions provider, has cultivated a sophisticated ecosystem of premium solution providers along with distribution channels. The company has built a strong reputation as a digital signage specialist and works closely with its alliance partners, who are available to consult and assist on a per-project basis. The alliance force simplifies the process of bringing digital signage to market.

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