Interactive Screen Kiosks & Displays

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All-in-One Touch Displays

The AOPEN All-in-One Touch Displays are especially designed for commercial use. The robust and stylish design of the All-in-One Displays ensures flexible usage in an array of environments. These exceptionally powerful and interactive screen kiosk can really wow your audience. Furthermore the interactivity is an ideal tool to gain an understanding of your audience behavior and preferences, giving you the chance to adjust to a more targeted and personalized marketing campaign. 

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Displays (non touch)

Consumers expect increasingly more from their retail experience. Enhance the in-store communication and strengthen your brand as a retailer via the AOPEN non-touch displays. This range of Full HD Vertical Alignment (VA) displays, with an optimal viewing angle for both portrait and landscape mode is the ideal solution in any retail environment. The non-touch display range has propriety high precision recessed and non-recessed wall mount solutions, designed for creating videowalls in a variety of shapes and sizes, to fully communication your brand in a spectacular manner.

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