AOPEN and Intel unveil the eTILE

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A world first, ultra slim, all-in-one multi-purpose commercial tile PC built for retail environments

San Jose, August 22 2013, AOPEN and Intel have unveiled a revolutionary new computing device that has been custom-built to benefit the retail market. The AOPEN eTILE is an ultra-thin, ultra-powerful and multi-purpose 15.6” and 19" multi-touch PC tile, based on Intel® Core™ Processor technology and built to perform in the most demanding commercial environments.

The eTILE is highly robust with built-in cable management so that no ports are visible to the customer, making the device totally secure and tamper proof. It’s also dust resistant and waterproof, and has a keen sense of style and aesthetic detail, with a slick Piano Black construction that will enhance any shopper’s experience. It’s the kind of device that customers will want to play with, and one that retailers can have the confidence in letting them touch.

Stephen Borg, Global Director Strategy & Market Development at AOPEN, says the eTILE allows retail to embrace the digital world.

"The eTILE will revolutionise retail. It's an industrial strength device in an exceptionally powerful, thin form-factor that simply doesn't exist elsewhere in the market today. Simple, powerful and affordable, it solves the two biggest barriers to digital signage adoption: cost and complexity. It's the first of its kind, a truly multipurpose solution that heralds a new era for retail," Borg says.

It took over 12 months of intensive R&D to develop the AOPEN eTILE, and a key component of the product’s development happened here in Australia. The Retail Evolution Lab in Melbourne, a pioneering environment built to test and prove new consumer experiences, played a key role in the creation of the eTILE.

Matthew Jones, Group Manager for Industry Development at Intel Australia and New Zealand, and also Chair of the AIIA's Retail Special Interest Group, says Intel is thrilled to be involved in the eTILE's creation.

“AOPEN worked closely with Intel in conducting end-customer user groups in order to find out how customer experiences could be enhanced at retail outlets,” Jones says.

"AOPEN’s devices will see consumers embracing new in-store digital experiences while also providing rich analytics of these interactions back to the retailers, brands and digital agencies."

The AOPEN eTILE has been designed to function in different environments. The high-performance Intel platform means it can power both in-store Point of Sale (POS) and kiosk environments concurrently, and run a full sized video wall while being used independently. It also features a powered USB, allowing peripherals such as scanners and credit card readers to be run without additional plugs and cables.

When used as a POS, the eTILE can also be provided with a secondary ultra-slim touch screen for customer use. The eTILE has 3G, 4G and WiFi options, and will be offered in Windows 8 or Android 4.04.

Its key benefits include:

  • Ease of installation: The eTILE doesn't need an enclosure or kiosk, and can be simply mounted on the wall
  • Low maintenance: The eTILE is easy and affordable to run, as well as very power efficient
  • Security: The eTILE is highly robust and all-contained with ports not visible to the customer, and the front is dust and splash proof
  • Aesthetics: With its ultra slim form factor and super bright display, the eTILE is a beautiful, high tech device that enhances its environment
  • Power: Running on Intel® Core™ Processor technology, the eTILE can power full-sized HD video walls
  • Rich Analytics: Intel® Active Management Technology* (Intel® AMT), a feature of the Intel Core vPro processor-based platform, allows businesses in a range of industries to achieve power savings, remote management and inventory control. 
Retailers with point-of-sale machines, digital signs or other intelligent devices can remotely diagnose and quickly fix problems over their network so customer transactions are not interrupted and sales are not lost.

Several leading international retailers are already trialing the eTILE, including major UK and US department stores, as well as leading Australian retailers, supermarkets and restaurants.

"The eTILE is a truly beautiful, eye-catching device, far from the hardware traditionally pushed at retailers that has to be housed in clunky kiosks. The eTILE's commercial grade screen is ideal for playing any kind of digital media in any lighting environment. It's compelling to look at and use, and perfect for showcasing products and information," says Borg.

 "You can use the eTILE stand-alone, or embed it into a table and use it as a surface device. It's highly robust due to being completely contained, secure and tamper-proof, with a sealed front for dust resistance and waterproof front panel. Its simple plug and play features dramatically cut installation costs and time, with no need for specific technical skills. The eTILE makes digital painless and easy.”

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AOPEN eTILE Specifiations

The eTILE series is a 15.6" and 19” all-in-one multi touch PC, just 30 mm thick with a 10 touch PCT touch screen. It features Intel's 3rd Generation Intel Core vPro processor platform, and can run Windows 7 / 8 or Android. It includes a powered USB, and comes with 3G, 4G and WiFi options. It also has support for Intel Active Management Technology 8.0, and Intel® Small Business Advantage manageability.

*Intel® AMT only available on models with Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processor.


Founded in 1996, AOPEN is a leading global electronics manufacturer, specialising in multi-platform, ultra-small form factor computing for both home and business, with a focus on digital signage. AOPEN welcomes a wide range of different partners, from hardware to software and services, to enhance its full solution offerings. Part of the Wistron group, AOPEN has a presence in over 100 countries. AOPEN's customers and partners range from governments and financial institutions to retailers, retail design firms, strategic consultants and branding agencies.

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