AOPEN’s DE7200 Digital Engine Leads A New Lineup Of Market-Leading Commercial Technologies

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AOPEN’s DE7200 Digital Engine Leads A New Lineup Of Market-Leading Commercial Technologies

Amsterdam 13 January, 2014 - AOPEN, the market leader in digital media technology solutions, has announced a new Digital Engine® media player DE7200 to support the most demanding rich multimedia content for signage suppliers, AV and system integrators. Designed to help system integrators and solution providers meet the ever-expanding demand for rich multimedia content within stores, hospitality, corporate and other commercial spaces. This top of the line media player is one of the first in its range to support 4K content with such low CPU usage and the first player running on 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors. 

The new DE7200 media player is the most powerful Digital Engine, and has been designed for customers who require the utmost in power, versatility and functionality. Backed by the 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family, the DE7200 is capable of running the most complex multimedia presentations and managing them across multiple screens. The DE7200 is quiet and efficient, while USB 3.0 and HDMI ports allow for fast high definition performance and expandable storage. The DE7200 is the first in a line of new products to come with an integrated dust filter to protect the critical circuits inside and an extended power switch for convenient management.

This is a device that has been designed to suit the ever growing demand for rich multimedia content on displays, and Intel’s collage feature will allow them to span the desktop across several displays that are connected to the engine.Together with its low power consumption, the DE7200 is also robust and able to operate 24/7 in tough environments such as hospitality, education, corporate and hospitals. The box itself is also slick and its ultra-small form factor allows for discrete operation in environments where aesthetics count.

Every scenario requires a different solution, so for customers that want high performance at a lower price, the DE5100i might already match their needs. Built with the 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Family, this mid-range Digital Engine media player still offers high graphic performance, with USB 3.0 and HDMI ports providing customers with fast and efficient multimedia capabilities.

AOPEN has also pioneered hardware for the back office to help maintain and protect consumer’s vital technologies. The Engine Core is a server rack especially designed for the Digital Engine to fit multiple media players for easy management and central control. The C4-KVM Switch Centralized System Control allows users to seamlessly switch between up to four connected computing devices. IT will be able to control their entire network of multiple systems using a single keyboard, monitor and mouse, meaning that busy, time-strapped staff can work more efficiently and respond more rapidly. This switch also allows you to share other peripherals like mass storage devices.

The Redundant Power Management (RDM) unit meanwhile provides customers with peace of mind to ensure that their critical assets stay up and running even in the event of a failure of a single power adapter. The RDM is a secure solution that allows redundancy management for multiple computing devices (up to six devices).

The new product portfolio, led by the premium DE7200 solution, represents AOPEN’s continued commitment to providing system builders and solution integrators with innovative and powerful products that will enhance their traction with customers and improve engagement within their premises especially in robust areas for 24/7 use.

 “As a leading manufacturer of powerful digital signage media player solutions, AOPEN is proud to be one of the first vendors to announce the release of a Digital Engine running on 4th Generation Intel® Core™ processors; the most powerful player in the range as of now. It complements the extended portfolio which offers reliable and ultra-small form factor media players from entry level systems to high-end stunning 4k performance,” says Gabriëlle Offringa, Marketing Manager AOPEN Europe.   

“During the Integrated Systems Europe we will show our complete portfolio at the AOPEN booth in Hall 10 stand R125. Resellers, system integrators and builders that are interested in our dynamic digital media solutions are invited to register for the AOPEN Forum 2014 on 3 February in Amsterdam, where they can meet the experts in the industry and learn from innovations that await 2014. Registration is open via ,” concludes Ms. Offringa. 

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Accelerated performance for your most demanding tasks. The DE7200 allows you to run the most advanced software seamlessly and helps you create an immersive digital experience with powerful built-in visual enhancements. Integrating the latest 4th Generation Intel® Core™, the DE7200 raises the bar on computing.

The versatile design of the DE7200 provides:

  • Support for Extended Desktop on all connected screens for up to three independent* (Full HD) displays.
  • Flexible integration opportunities thanks to a unique small form factor
  • High performance support for Ultra HD resolution (4k*)
  • Power switch extension for remote control
  • Ultra reliable hardware with 24/7 operability
  • Energy efficient green computing

* Three screens supported with the use of an active DisplayPort HDMI converter. Ask your AOPEN sales representative for additional details.

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High-end computing ability for the most demanding and content heavy applications. Thanks to the unparalleled graphic perfomance, you have the power to display impactful messaging with top quality visuals.

The versatile design of the DE5100i provides:

  • Flexible Integration opportunities thanks to a unique small form factor
  • Ultra reliable hardware with 24/7 operability
  • Energy Efficient Green Computing
  • Long Life Cycle
  • High Performance Full HD 1080p Content Playback
  • Dual Display Support
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C4-KVM Switch

Switch between up to four computing devices and control multiple systems with a single keyboard, monitor and mouse. This switch also allows you to share other peripherals like mass storage devices.

  • Can be powered by RDM or adapter
  • Fully compatible with AOPEN Engine Core series 
  • Can function as USB HUB
  • LED indicators for active selection
  • LED indicators for online systems
  • Hot key Switching (e.g. ctrl+f2 switches to other system)
  • 4 physical buttons to switch between systems
  • on screen display of status and system selected
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The RDM is a secure solution that allows redundancy management for multiple Digital Engine based computing devices (up to six devices). Ensure that your systems stay up and running, regardless of the failing of single power adapters.

The RDM has the following specifications: 

  • Replacement for redundant power supply
  • No expensive power module needed
  • Remote control of fans
  • Remote monitoring of status for alerting system administrator
  • Can also power other devices (AOPEN KVM and fans)
  • Audible alarm if a failure happens
  • LED status indicators
  • Fully compatible with AOPEN Engine Core series

Engine Core

Consolidate multiple Digital Engine devices with the Engine Core. An innovative way to protect up to seven systems from dust and unwanted access, and simultaneously provide 19” rack mountability. The Engine Core also provides extra cooling and cable management.

An Engine Core combined with AOPEN Digital Engine devices and the specially designed Digital Element Modules make it a versatile, green IT powerstation. 

Engine Core 700

  • Chassis dimension: Dual purpose for rack mount and stand alone 178(H) x 482(W) x 571(D)mm (Rack mount, w/handle) 178(H) x 426(W) x 555(D)mm (Stand alone, w/o handle)
  • Fit up to 7 Digital Engines and power adapters
  • Power 7 Digital engines with one AC power cord + 3 system cooling fans (12cm)
  • Front panel with key lock 

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Engine Core 200N

  • Chassis dimension: 65(H) x 449(W) x 305(D)mm
  • Accommodate up to 2x Digital Engine devices incl. adaptor (90W or 65W)
  • Detachable front handle for rack mount or stand-alone usage
  • Material made of SECC

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