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Digital signage in leisure & entertainment

Digital signage is all about creating that connection with customers, visitors or guest. In the entertainment sector this is no different. It is possibly even more important to add that little extra to your Entertainment Park, museum or cinema.

In this competitive world of entertainment the difference can be made by making the experience more memorable through interactive signage.

Digital signage can really make a difference in the following ways:

  • It is possible to provide additional information about a unique museum piece or about an attraction.
  • Use digital signage as a way to promote products in souvenirs and restaurants.
  • Promote specific movies or snacks in cinemas.
  • Entertain your visitors in long queues to ensure a better park experience.
  • Communicate information regarding ticket sales or timetables. 
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Palma Aquarium Mallorca

Visiting an aquarium is both fun and educative. Visitors will see all kind of sea animals, and natural human curiosity will make them want to know more about what they see. With display signs limiting the amount of words you can place on a sign, Palma Aquarium Mallorca found the right solution by installing AOPEN all-in-one touch displays. 

Next to a sea of information the environment itself tends to be dimly lit. Therefore the management sought for an ‘out of the box’ digital communications solution to give its customers the maximum information in an easy-to-read format. 

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KPN Rijksmuseum

Famous paintings from the Rijksmuseum literally came to life via 86 digital displays that were positioned around 16 metro stations in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Passers-by could even put themselves in one of the paintings via a selfie taken from the integrated video-camera, and then share the image via social media.

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macba museum

MACBA Museum

The museum of contemporary art MACBA in Barcelona uses enriched multimedia signage. At the information desk at the entrance of the museum, informative displays have been implemented. The video wall is placed as part of the exhibition.

The new concept strengthens the aesthetics of the museum. Visitors reaction is positive and the sales of the museum have gone up since the implementation of digital signage.


Nürburgring Entertainment Venue

In the welcome area there are digital signs for information and entertainment. Around the whole venue digital displays are placed for constant communication.  

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